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The Roseburg school board has opted to place the replacement of the Roseburg High School Heritage Building as one of several items on the May 2020 ballot. Cost to replace or renovate were similar.

Replacing the Heritage building on the Roseburg High School campus will be included in the final draft of the May ballot measure that will go before voters within the boundaries of Roseburg Public Schools.

Since the initial talk of a possible bond levy, discussions have focused on increasing safety and security, renovation and repairs, technology infrastructure, improved learning environments, new gyms at five elementary schools and an investment in the Heritage building.

The school board has been discussing whether to renovate or rebuild the oldest building on the campus for several months and made the decision during a work session preceding Wednesday’s board meeting to replace the 1920s structure with a modern one. Costs to replace or renovate were similar.

“I’m excited about the opportunity,” Superintendent Jared Cordon said. “The building has served tens of thousands of kids over the years. We want to pay respect to the building and build a high quality building that will serve our students for another 100 years.”

Brian Prawitz, owner of BP Media, also presented materials to the board to show the progress that has been made and announced the first Political Action Committee meeting will take place Thursday.

Prawitz noted everything is on schedule and reiterated the timeline to the board. He also presented the board with a preview of some of the materials, such as flyers and letters, that will go out to voters.

In other business, Purchasing Manager Denny Austin gave an update on a request for quotation that went out to vendors who provide telemedicine to students.

The board voted 5-1 to rescind the request for qualification, and instead to form a committee to go over details about what the district is looking for in a telemedicine provider. Charles Lee was the lone holdout.

Evergreen Family Medicine Chief Executive Officer Tim Powell presented to the board in November 2019 an idea to bring telemedicine to schools, and the board decided at that time to request qualifications from other vendors and to then evaluate its options.

Austin noted of the more than 1,000 vendors that had access to the documentation, 27 downloaded the information and three companies contacted the district to get more details. The school district also received qualifications from Evergreen Family Medicine.

“I’m happy there’s interest, but I’m sad that it’ll take longer,” Director Rod Cotton said.

The school board will start the discussions on bringing telemedicine into the schools from scratch, and will send out new information to potential companies when details of the needs for telemedicine in schools have been further evaluated.

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Unless the bond levy includes money for keeping our kids safe while keeping guns out of the high school it won't get my vote.


The buildings built today will not last as long as the ones built 100 years ago. Sorry, but this Heritage Building should be renovated, not demolished.

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