Cheers and applause erupted as soon as Roseburg High School seniors walked into the Fir Grove Elementary School cafeteria wearing their caps and gowns Friday.

Nearly 30 seniors, mostly Fir Grove alumni, walked through the school giving high-fives to students and hugging some of the teachers.

“I forgot what it was like, the hallways and things, but as soon as I stepped off the bus the memories came flooding back,” RHS senior Hunter Agsten said. “It looks smaller, but familiar.”

Fir Grove Principal Lisa Dickover didn’t work at the school when the high school seniors attended, but she loved seeing the responses the elementary students had.

“The little kids were so excited,” Dickover said. “Having the seniors wear the cap and gowns adds to the excitement and the seriousness of the event.”

Gourav Kaushal, who pre-teaches at Fir Grove, also decided to come to the school to say goodbye to the students he taught.

“The kids love him and he’s supportive of our teachers,” Dickover said. “He just had a positive attitude and it was great to have him come.”

Students were able to give Kaushal a bouquet of balloons as he walked through the corridor.

“I’m definitely excited about graduation, but part of me is super sad. I came here every day for two years,” he said, adding that he will miss “the everyday interactions of getting to know the kids.”

Roseburg High School seniors had a dress rehearsal for graduation Friday morning and were given the opportunity to ride the bus to their elementary school to walk the halls.

Graduation walks are common in smaller schools, and RHS started the tradition last year.

This year there were buses to take the graduating seniors to one of the eight elementary schools in the district.

After the high school seniors had walked through the halls at Fir Grove they enjoyed root beer floats in the library.

Following the official goodbyes, the seniors made final visits to re-enact second grade photos on the swings, had favorite teachers sign yearbooks and reminisced about their times in elementary school.

Reporter Sanne Godfrey can be reached at or 541-957-4203. Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey.

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