Rose School will hold its first ever graduation ceremony at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Labor Temple at 742 SE Roberts Ave.

Graduates have been finishing up their requirements until the last few days.

When asked about the number of graduates in early May, Rose School Principal Randal Olsen said “maybe a handful,” in mid-May there were eight, two weeks ago 12, and Wednesday there were 15 total graduates, 12 of whom will walk in the ceremony.

“Their path is not too linear,” Olsen said. “We’re helping kids find a path when they don’t fit in the big wheel.”

The school offers online learning, hybrid learning and a GED program. Staff and students work together to find out what will work best for each individual.

“The students that come here sometimes have a medical illness or extreme anxiety and they’re really not fit to do nine hours a day at a school,” Online Learning Coordinator Jessica Monday said. “They often come in behind, missing school and we have to build their credits up fast to fix it.”

Monday, who will welcome the students at the ceremony, said the theme of graduation is reflections. “This is their first adult milestone,” she said. “We want them to feel accomplished.”

Because Rose School is not accredited at this time, graduates attending the school have completed their requirement through Connections Learning. Students who completed GED requirements will also be included in the ceremony.

Rose School was started two years ago and underwent an accreditation process in early May and is currently awaiting those results.

“All of our students started somewhere else, we’re just finishing the work that everybody’s been a part of,” Olsen said. “This is a culmination of a lot of hard work. This feels like a celebration for everyone.”

Last year, there were several students who obtained their diploma but there was no graduation ceremony.

“We asked the kids last year if they wanted it and they didn’t,” Olsen said. “This year we said, ‘the heck with what they want.’”

Monday said students have been excited about the graduation ceremony, turning in baby photos and questionnaires before deadline.

“They’ve all been excited about this,” Monday said. “We want to show off Rose.”

Monday and Olsen will both be on stage during the graduation ceremony, which takes place during school hours and will have all students in attendance as well.

When a scheduling conflict was brought to light, less than two weeks before the ceremony, the administrators decided to change the time from noon to 10 a.m. to make sure the rest of the students could be in attendance.

Monday said it was important to include the rest of the student body, so they can have peer role models.

The Rev. Howard Johnson will speak to the graduating class, after they’ve each had a chance to thank the people who helped get them to graduation.

The Labor Temple was more than happy to accommodate the graduation ceremony and Monday and Olsen were excited about incorporating Roseburg history into their ceremony.

Graduates will get to wear robes borrowed from Roseburg High School. Fred Meyer, Roseburg Cinema and Walmart have also donated to the graduation.

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