All Roseburg High School freshmen who competed at the FBLA State Business Leadership State Conference last weekend at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, will advance to the national competition.

“Roseburg High FBLA freshmen were phenomenal,” RHS senior Jadyn McAbee said. “Their work ethic and drive is what resulted in their success. On top of this, I have no doubts that Dr. Larina Warnock, Roseburg FBLA’s adviser, also helped the freshmen succeed.”

The National Leadership competition will be held in late June in San Antonio, Texas, and Roseburg students are already starting fundraisers to make the trip.

Warnock said the group will start fundraising for the $30,000 trip, so student families won’t have to pay $1,300. There are two bingo nights scheduled at the Roseburg Country Club, from 6-8 p.m. April 26 and May 17, and a yard sale will be scheduled as well.

Roseburg students Faith Edwards and McAbee presented Warnock with the 2019 Advisor of the Year award.

Edwards, a Roseburg High School senior, is the 2018-29 Oregon FBLA State President and McAbee, also a senior, is the Oregon FBLA vice president of Rogue Umpqua Region.

“As Oregon FBLA’s State President, I have learned how to be a more confident version of myself. FBLA has shown me that we are all leaders in our own way,” Edwards said “With that, I was able to believe that I had what it took to be a leader. I have also learned how to think on my feet, develop and present workshops, speak in front of over a thousand people, and have found all the opportunities available to me due to FBLA.”

FBLA also made Edwards realize that her leadership style is goal focused, but through the program she learned to enjoy the moment. McAbee also said that for her last state conference she decided to soak up the joy of the moment.

“I am passionate about helping others and inspiring them to be better and I believe the best way for me to do that is through leadership coaching,” McAbee said. “What I have learned about others is that in this world, there are many many many different kinds of people, but that each and every one of those people are important and matter. Everyone has a story and a voice that deserves to be heard.”

Margo Boyd, a junior at RHS, was elected executive vice president of Oregon FBLA.

Edwards said she would advise Boyd to enjoy every moment.

“Take advantage of every opportunity and do not hesitate to take a step back and enjoy the moment you are in,” Edwards said.

Edwards and McAbee each received a $500 scholarship and roughly $2,000 worth of professional leadership coaching throughout their term. They each competed in the America level of the Business Leadership Awards as well.

“During my term in office, I did my upmost to bring about change. It was not until the State Business Leadership Conference that I was able to see the impact I made,” Edwards said. “I had a member approach me to tell me that I had changed her life. To me, that meant everything to me and made me see the power in change. She told me that she had been homeless for over a year and that people tended to disregard what was happening to her. It was not until I spoke out about Recycle for Hope, sleeping mats for the homeless, that she finally felt heard. Being able to make that impact, no matter how small, had given me purpose.”

McAbee added, “My eighth grade and freshman year, I suffered from severe panic attacks and kids at my school knew me as the girl who had panic attacks and I didn’t want to be that girl anymore. Over time and with tons of help from others, my confidence grew and I built up enough courage to step out of my comfort zone and become the person that the Jadyn from three-four years ago never could have been. I wanted my testimony to resonate with others who struggle with similar situations to show them that there is a better day and that their hardships can be overcome.”

There are four levels of competition; Future, Business, Leader, and America. America level requires more than 50 hours of work beyond the normal program.

Liam Gombart received a $2,000 scholarship from the Oregon FBLA Foundation. He will use this money to work toward a mathematics degree at the University of Oregon.

“As a member of FBLA, the most salient thing I’ve learned it how success in an enterprise is often directly proportional to the amount of effort one puts into the work,” Gombart said.

Gombart placed fourth in business calculations and worked with Morgan Flanagan and Triston Rutan in the emerging business leaders competition, where they placed fourth.

Gombart said he preferred team events because “they are often more enjoyable to compete in and result in more interesting presentations.”

Roseburg student Mary Genta earned an award for more than 500 hours of community service and of RHS’ 34 competitors, 29 won at least one award.

Roseburg’s FBLA chapter also earned awards for largest chapter in Oregon, the Gold Seal of Merit and the Gold Champion Chapter.

Students qualified for nationals by placing in the top four in their events, Roseburg qualified nine individuals and four teams automatically. An additional 14 individual students and three teams placed in the top 10 and are on standby for the 2019 National Leadership Conference.

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