Some students knew exactly what they wanted, while others were exploring different opportunities.

The college fair hosted by Roseburg High School on Monday inside the Stewart W. Robertson Memorial Gymnasium had things to offer to all students.

“I’m mostly here for Western Oregon University,” Roseburg High School sophomore Parker Clark said. “It’s been my top choice since sixth grade.”

Clark would like to study sociology or criminology at the school, but was scouting out some other options while walking around the college fair with fellow Roseburg High School sophomore Adriana Posada.

Posada wasn’t sure what school she wanted to go to, but she was hoping to find a college with a good veterinary science program.

“I’m very open-minded right now,” she said.

Roseburg High School Career Center Director Jim Early said there were 59 booths set up in the gymnasium, and students from most schools in Douglas County were in attendance, as well as a few schools from other counties.

“I’m just here to scout out colleges,” Roseburg High School sophomore Nicholas Brown said.

Representatives from both public and private institutions were at the college fair, as were representatives from the Office of Student Access and Completion to help with the finances of college.

“It’s an opportunity for schools to show the different programs they have to offer and it’s an opportunity for kids to explore and learn about the different programs,” Early said. “It’s really about trying to find a college that fits.”

He advises students to look at the programs offered by each college, the size of the school, the cost, available financial aid and a cultural fit.

That’s exactly what Kaana Fye was there to do.

The South Umpqua High School junior is hoping to study law and business management, but also wants to join the military. She talked to several recruiters from Oregon colleges to find out which university would help with a military delayed entry program.

“It’s nice to tour,” Fye said. “It’s good to have everyone here so I can ask questions.”

South Umpqua High School senior Lillianna Turrentine said she plans to study human sciences or forestry at Umpqua Community College, but was hoping to find a back-up plan.

“I only have a Plan A,” she said. “I’m checking out some different colleges.”

After a visit with Oregon State University, Turrentine said she’d be applying to the school.

The college fair included many institutions from Oregon, but also some out-of-state options.

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