Across the country, millions of high school students in career and technical student organizations have been gearing up for what is the most important month in the calendar year: National CTE Month.

CTE Month is a month where organizations such as Future Business Leaders of America, Family Career and Community Leaders of America, SkillsUSA, and FFA each have an entire week dedicated to promoting the efforts of their students.

This is a time where students put the most effort into connecting with legislators and local elected officials to show advocacy and support for the work that they do.

For the Future Business Leaders of America chapter at Roseburg High School, their circumstances were no different.

On Monday, Oregon FBLA State President and Roseburg High School junior Logan Bishop was able to attend a Roseburg City Council meeting at City Hall where Mayor Larry Rich read aloud the proclamation declaring National FBLA-PBL Week as a recognized holiday in Roseburg.

Bishop said, “As all CTSO’s in the state, FBLA membership has taken a hit from the pandemic. We are just trying to make the experience as awesome and fun for the members that still come!”

Last year, Roseburg FBLA was the largest chapter in the state with over 100 registered members.

Like many other clubs and organizations, they are still trying to find ways to creatively reach out to high school students and potential members that want to learn soft skills that can be applied in the workplace and learn about the realities of the modern business world.

Along with reaching out to the Roseburg City Council, some Roseburg members have had the opportunity to meet with legislators from across the state.

In addition to Bishop, Roseburg High School students Aiyana Brown, a junior who serves as the Rogue-Umpqua Region vice president as a state officer, and Joseph Garcia, Jr., a senior who serves as the vice president of public relations as a state officer, were able to meet with Representative Jeff Reardon from Happy Valley.

Brown said that the experience of meeting with Rep. Reardon was an amazing opportunity.

“I’ve never met anyone who has advocated and secured funding for CTSO programs the way he has, and I’m so grateful that I was able to share my FBLA story with him,” Brown said.

In addition to meeting with legislators, both Bishop and Brown were able to testify at the hearing of two bills at the Oregon House of Representatives. House Bills 2413 and 2414 are aimed at providing $2.2 million dollars to career technical education funding across the state through grants, scholarships, and other allocation methods.

Logan Bishop is a Roseburg High School student and the Oregon FBLA State President.

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