Students exit Roseburg High School recently. The high school has a 76% graduation rate, three points below the state average.

Roseburg Public Schools’ education is below the state average in kindergarten through second grade attendance, third grade English and on-time graduation, according to the Oregon Department of Education.

The department released its annual at-a-glance district profiles Thursday on data from the 2018-2019 school year.

The only category in which Roseburg exceeded the state average was eighth grade mathematics.

Individual student progress in language arts and math in third through eighth grade was listed as high on the district’s report card.

“This is what we expect to see as we adopt new instructional materials and implement new programs to focus on professional development and leadership opportunities for educators,” Superintendent Jared Cordon said in a press release.

According to the data, the girls performed better in all assessments than the boys at Roseburg. Starting this school year, all school districts will also start collecting data on non-binary students, those who don’t identify as male or female.

Roseburg was on par with the freshmen on track to graduate at 85%, but only had a 62% graduation rate compared to a statewide 79% average.

The state goal is to ensure a 90% on-time, four-year graduation rate by 2025.

Glide School District met that goal last year with a 93% on-time graduation rate. North Douglas graduated 95% of students on time and Oakland had a 97% on-time graduation rate.

Glide also exceeded the state average in freshmen on track and met the state average in attendance and third grade English. It was well below the state average of 39% in eighth grade math at 18%, which also was a 21% drop from the previous school year for Glide.

North Douglas was just below the state average in regular attendance for kindergarten through second grade and met or exceeded state averages in all other categories.

Attendance in Oakland was at 92% for kindergarten through second grade and students at the school exceeded the state average in third grade English and freshmen on track. However, the eighth grade math was below the state average.

To view the full at-a-glance district profiles, visit the Oregon Department of Education website.

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