Roseburg Public Schools’ board of directors approved a $150,000 contract Wednesday with BP Media Solutions to oversee all aspects of the May 2020 bond levy campaign.

BP Media’s goal will be to educate and inform the general public through traditional and digital advertising, starting Tuesday.

BP Media owner Brian Prawitz presented three different strategies to the school board with three different price levels. In each of the plans, BP Media would be paid the same $20,000 fee.

Board members opted to go with the most comprehensive and expensive plan.

Director Rodney Cotton described the three levels as gold, silver and bronze, and said paying extra money for a better result would be worth it.

Director Howard Johnson added, “When we look at the money we can expect to get from this bond levy, we would be asinine not to give him $150,000 and get it over with.”

According to the documents Prawitz provided to the board, the $150,000 cost would allow for two surveys, social media design, brochures, video, mailings, a website landing page, targeted digital advertising and television, radio and newspaper advertising.

Completing accurate, comprehensive surveys was important to several of the board members and Prawitz expressed that results from the survey could impact what the school district will ask for during the May 2020 election.

Prawitz previously ran a successful bond levy campaign for the Winston-Dillard School District and has also been serving as a work session facilitator for the Sutherlin School District, as its board weighs its options on how to move forward on getting funding for needed facility repairs.

Prawitz clarified that he will help the school district with accurate, informational material that can be distributed by the school. According to state law, school district employees cannot take an official position on the bond during school hours.

According to a timeline provided to the school district, BP Media will prepare a benchmark survey in October. In November, a ballot survey will be prepared, and the results of both surveys will be received.

An initial political action committee meeting will be held in January, while BP Media works on creating a narrative from the survey results.

A ballot title will be due on Feb. 29 and advertising will go out to voters in March, with an official campaign launch on March 19.

The election will take place May 19, 2020.

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