Adelyn Aman stomps on a snow castle on her third birthday Monday as her mother Jinny Aman tries to make another castle. The Amans were visitng friends on Washington Avenue on Sunday after the unexpected snowfall knocked out power to most of Douglas County.

Roseburg Public Schools’ school board has delayed a decision on making up the five missed days students and faculty missed due to last week’s snow storms.

Board members met Wednesday and heard a proposal by Superintendent Lee Paterson and Human Resources Director Robert Freeman.

Their proposal asked for the April 11-12 conferences in the elementary and middle schools to become instruction days.

They proposed the last day of school be changed from June 12 to June 13 and that conferences would be June 14 and 17, with the teachers’ final day on June 18.

The school district meets the federally mandated minimum required days of instruction, whether it makes up the snow days or not.

Board member Micki Hall raised concerns about getting rid of the parent-teacher conferences and suggested getting rid of early release on Wednesday to make up for the lost time.

Paterson said Kit Agee, manager for Douglas County First Student, expressed concerns about the disruption extending days would cause. He also said getting rid of development time for staff on Wednesday afternoon would be a step backwards for the district.

Numerous school board members expressed concern about adding days at the end of the school year.

“April days matter more,” board member Rebecca Larson said.

Under the proposal, the last day for Roseburg High School seniors would remain June 6, and graduation date would also remain unchanged.

Since there was no power for two days, staff would be eligible to utilize their personal emergency leave time to minimize their personal financial impact.

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