Jared Cordon was selected as the new Roseburg School District superintendent. Cordon spoke with Roseburg High School staff and visitors at the school earlier this year.

Roseburg Public Schools’ board of directors unanimously agreed to finalize a three-year contract with incoming Superintendent Jared Cordon during Wednesday’s meeting.

Cordon will be paid $164,400 annually, according to the contract. This will be a rolling three-year agreement, which may be extended prior to July 1 of each year.

Cordon addressed the board during the meeting at Roseburg High School, where he also had a chance to watch part of the track and field competition.

“It’s really an honor and a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to serving this community, serving the board and working alongside staff and students,” he said. “I pledge my attention to move this work forward, to celebrate opportunities for our kids and our staff. And make Roseburg a place that people want to be at, and want to return to.”

The school district will also pay a variety of other costs, including $5,000 for relocation, the employee’s required contributions into the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, $1,250 monthly into a tax sheltered annuity and a $500 monthly vehicle allowance.

Cordon will officially take over the helm of Douglas County’s largest school district on July 1, but will be working with interim Superintendent Lee Paterson in June to allow for a smooth transition. During the transition period, Cordon will be paid $630 for each day worked.

Cordon is entitled to 25 paid vacation days under the contract, in addition to leave for personal business, bereavement and professional development as is available to all 12-month administrative staff. Additionally, there are 11 paid holidays and 98 days of accumulated sick leave Cordon has acquired throughout his educational career which will roll over into his Roseburg contract.

Goals and objectives for the evaluation of the superintendent will be written on or before the September school board meeting, and on or before July 1 of each year the district shall establish those general goals and specific objectives in consultation with Cordon.

Cordon’s performance will be evaluated and assessed in executive session on or before March 14 of each year of his contract.

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