Students at Roseburg Public Schools will start their summer vacation one day later than originally planned.

The school board voted 5-2 to extend the school year to June 13, with a final teacher planning day scheduled for June 14.

In addition to the extra day, elementary and middle school conferences on April 11 and 12 will also be turned into instructional days. Roseburg High School does not have conferences in April.

High school graduation will still take place Saturday, June 8, and the last day for seniors remains unchanged at June 6.

“This schedule will have the least impact on parents, students, teachers, and staffs, while meeting the instructional requirements of the state,” board chair Joseph Garcia wrote in a statement. “The last few weeks, since the ‘Snow of ’19,’ have been challenging and trying days for our county, and if the board had the ability, a resolution would be passed to avoid this at all costs over the next 50 years.”

The school board had two available options and approved the first proposal. The other proposal did not extend the school year but did call for the change from conferences to instructional days.

Director of Human Resources Robert Freeman said the principals in leadership group expressed a preference for the first proposal during a meeting last week. “They’d like to see one more makeup day,” he said.

The original school calendar approved by the board had makeup days, in the event of an emergency school closure, scheduled for June 14 and 17. Only one of those days will be used.

Board member Rebecca Larson said, “It’s hard to make those extra days in June count. In reality we’ve lost five days and they’re not going to magically reappear and be instructional time.”

Charles Lee voted against the proposal. He brought up that the Eugene 4J School District added days in June to make up all missed snow days.

“I really tend to weigh (the lost instructional days) more heavily than the inconvenience,” Lee said. Garcia was the other no vote.

Students missed five instructional days, from Feb. 25-March 1 due to severe weather conditions.

“It’s probably not going to happen again, but it gives us an opportunity to plan a little bit better,” board member Rodney Cotton said. “We all would like more classroom time.”

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