A Roseburg resident posted a video on Facebook around noon Thursday showing a school bus making a U-turn on a local Interstate 5 on-ramp to go against the flow of traffic.

The bus is operated by First Student, a company contracted by Roseburg Public Schools to handle transportation needs of the district. A First Student spokesperson said the company and driver take full responsibility.

“The driver is a long-term employee and has a strong driving record,” according to a First Student spokesperson. “Certainly it was a mistake and the driver has been disciplined and is certainly undergoing retraining right now.”

Roseburg Public Schools released a statement that read, “Roseburg Public Schools takes the safety of students very seriously and feels confident that First Student will work to ensure this type of incident does not happen again.”

Interim Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent Lee Paterson said he is aware of the video and is not happy about the incident, but said the bus company is handling the investigation.

The school district entered into a five-year contract with the bus company starting on July 1, 2016. The school board unanimously approved a 3% increase in rate, which is the minimum under the contract, during the May 8 board meeting.

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Anybody who drives onto a freeway on ramp and then turns around to go against traffic to fix it ought to not be driving a school bus.


Why take down the video? People need to be aware that this is happening. And the article doesn't say if the person was impaired by alcohol or drugs...

Sanne Godfrey Staff
Sanne Godfrey

The video does not belong to The News-Review, but to the person who originally posted in on Facebook. If they take it down, we lose access to it as well. I have reached out to ask the original poster questions, but she has not responded. I have also reached out to First Student to ask whether the driver was impaired, if there were students on the bus, the exact location where this happened and to inform is what retraining is. However, they have not responded with more than I have reported in the story.

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