Roseburg Public Schools will receive $4.6 million in funding from the Student Success Act, according to preliminary data released by the Oregon Department of Education on Jan. 21.

These numbers are based on the weighted average daily enrollment membership, which is similar to enrollment, from May 2019.

“Estimates from ODE tend to be pretty spot on,” Roseburg Public Schools Director of Teaching and Learning Michelle Knee said.

Final amounts will be provided in June, based on the updated enrollment numbers from the school year, according to the department of education. The money would be distributed to the schools every three months after July.

Chief Operations Officer Cheryl Northam said the enrollment numbers have been pretty consistent over the last few years.

Oregon schools will get more funding because of a new business tax that applies to companies that have more than $1 million worth of sales in Oregon in 2020.

The money generated from the new tax will go into the Fund for Student Success, which will be divided into three accounts: Early Learning Account, Student Investment Account and Statewide Education Initiatives Account. The numbers reflect the amounts that will be distributed to schools from the Student Investment Account.

At least 50% of the funds will go into the Student Investment Account, which has been designated to help meet students’ mental or behavioral health needs, and to improve academic outcomes and reduce disparities for those historically under served by the education system.

Knee noted that emotional health has come to the forefront during community listening sessions, surveys to staff members, interviews with students and other public input sessions.

A committee has started meeting to put together a tiered plan at the direction of the Oregon Department of Education.

The tiered plan will indicate what’s of the highest priority to the district and what is on the wish list.

A finalized plan is expected to be presented to the board on March 11 to leave enough time for it to submitted by the April 15 deadline. The Oregon Department of Education can still request or recommend changes to the plan approved by the Roseburg Public Schools’ board.

Each school district received an 89-page document that lays out in detail how to apply for specific funding, which will guide districts as they create plans to spend the new income stream.

Early Learning will receive 20% of the funding for programs that help early childhood education, and Statewide Education Initiatives will receive 30% of the funding for initiatives on a state level, such as high school success through career technical education and making school lunches more affordable.

Details on both of those accounts have not yet been released.

Knee has been updating the Roseburg school board monthly about the Student Success Act and the progress that is being made and will update the board during its meeting that is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Sunnyslope Elementary School.

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