Students are free to participate in a nationwide walkout Wednesday to protest gun violence, as long as they are respectful and follow the law, according to Roseburg School District officials.

Superintendent Gerry Washburn said in a letter sent to school district families that the district cannot encourage or discourage students participation in the event, which is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. Wednesday, and last for 17 minutes to remember the 17 people who died in the Florida school shooting one month ago.

Washburn said in the letter that students have the right to freedom of speech and expression while at school, “so long as that speech or expression does not substantially disrupt the educational process.”

Students, he said, will not be disciplined for their participation as long as they remain safe, respectful, and responsible, and act in a manner that is not disruptive to the school environment.

Washburn said non-teaching staff members and administrators who are providing supervision will be focusing on keeping students safe and on campus.

He added that if students leave campus, they cannot provide supervision, so the district is strongly encouraging students to remain on school grounds.

Students will be marked as tardy if they return to class late, and attendance will be taken after the walkout.

The walkout is organized nationwide by EMPOWER, the Woman’s March youth branch.

According to the organization’s website, the marches have one mission, which is to put pressure on Congress pass gun reform laws and make schools safer, in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

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Heaven forbid a student says a prayer in school, but politics are a-ok. School officials are cowards, and have turned the keys of their schools over to student
activists. It's happening all over this country, and has for several years. I've even seen students being allowed to have a vote in who the college HIRES. That's called Fascism folks. "Our" way of thinking, or NO way of thinking. Higher learning my butt! Political indoctrination is more like it.


Nothing like a placebo to calm a child.


If students expect to change anything, they'd best all learn to shoot.The NRA controls America. Why? Because they have guns and know how to shoot. Violent revolution is the only possible way to change things for the better in this country. If this were not true, Slavery would still be legal. Until the students are ready to fight and risk their lives, their efforts at change are a waste of time.

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