This week, local business Create and Sip in Roseburg launched its first space camp. Children 8 and older participated in the out-of-this-world camp.

“My idea for space camp was based on the new Space Force that was just started as part of our military,” Crystal Unrue, artist and owner of Create and Sip, said.

However, it’s not the kind of camp you might think. In this space camp, kids focus on doing space-themed art activities.

Unrue said the camp uses various mediums during the camp such as resin pouring, acrylic pouring, jewelry making, designing a galaxy T-shirt, and doing a Star Wars painting.

“Who doesn’t love stars and galaxies?” she said.

Aleesa Hartt said she enrolled her daughter Bella in space camp because her daughter loves art.

Rylee Kraack has been to four of these camps saying, “I really like art and I like to show my family the things I make.”

Jill Kraack, Rylee’s mother, said, “We did this last year and she loved it. Space is her favorite thing.”

While the participants worked on their shirts, Alana Sikes said she liked how the colors of her shirt blended and matched so well.

“My plate is a giant mess because I mixed so many colors,” Bella Hartt said.

Both girls seemed to love this stellar camp.

Regarding the acrylic pours, Shaeli Sikes said, “It was a lot of fun, I have never done anything like it.” She added that it was very abstract.

Kyra Phelps, who assists at the studio, said, “I like seeing all of their creations. Every single project is unique.”

If you are looking for a fun, themed experience like this for your kids, you can find more information at

It’s a great way for them to learn new things, unplug, and make new friends. As a bonus, parents can also get a little “space” as well.

Skylar Knox is a seventh grade student at Fremont Middle School and a contributing reporter for The News-Review. Her work can be found at

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