Roseburg High School and the Douglas Education Service District were among 32 recipients of state grants to improve career technology education, state officials announced Monday.

Of the CTE Revitalization Grant totaling $10.3 million, the Douglas Education Service District received more than $430,000 to fund a Douglas Healthcare Career Pathways Program while Roseburg Public Schools received $99,999 for summer camps for middle school students.

The state CTE Revitalization Grant provides Oregon school districts with programs for students that focus on manufacturing, engineering, agricultural science, aviation, robotics, forestry, home construction and health sciences.

In the Roseburg school district, the summer camp programs will be held at Roseburg High School and Phoenix Charter School during the summers of 2018 and 2019.

The camps will last for a week, and will serve approximately 300 middle school students. The camps will be free to students who sign up with meals provided along with transportation in some cases.

Roseburg High School Principal Jill Weber said she is pleased with the opportunity to offer incoming freshmen the opportunity to take CTE courses during the next two summers.

“This provides students with additional summer learning and a program to grow their skills in specific areas before entering high school,” she said.

The high school will offer a manufacturing camp along with an entrepreneurship and marketing leadership camp that will expand the school’s business program as well.

Phoenix will offer a natural resources camp along with a mobile camp going to outlying schools in the northern and southern parts of the county that will teach trades and drafting along with production design.

Because graduation rates for students enrolled in Oregon CTE programs are 15.5 percent higher than the statewide average, according to the Oregon Department of Education, Weber is optimistic that the summer programs will encourage students to enroll in the many CTE courses offered at the high school during their four years.

“Our hope is that we will continue to increase our enrollment in CTE courses and continue to increase our graduation rates at RHS,” she said.

Weber said that registration information about the camps will be posted at all the middle schools and on the Expanding Horizons page through the Umpqua STEAM Hub and will be sent to all agencies working with youth.

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