Marissa Simons of Myrtle Creek enrolls her children in classes recently at Tri City Elementary School.

TRI CITY — Summer vacation is almost over for students across the state.

For some it means the return to school and seeing friends, but for others it means starting at a new school.

Kellen Simons, 8, will attend third grade at Tri City Elementary School this year. He had previously attended Fullerton IV Elementary School in Roseburg.

“I can make new friends and have fun,” Kellen said, adding that he does already know one other person at the school.

His sister, 5-year-old Lily Rhoden, said she was a little bit nervous to start kindergarten for the second time.

The family enrolled four children at the school and while the parents filled out paperwork, the incoming students colored and asked questions of the staff at their new school. They were most concerned about who gets to play together on the playground.

Tri City Elementary School will not just be new for the incoming kindergarteners and transfer students, but also for Principal Robert Fowler.

Fowler came to the school after having served as the principal of Lewis Angapak Memorial School in a remote area of Alaska only accessible by plane.

He said the registration process at Tri City is a bit different, but the office staff knew exactly what to do. “I’m excited for the year to start,” Fowler said.

Myrtle Creek Elementary School will also have a new principal this year in Ariel Mainz, where several of the incoming kindergarteners expressed their excitement to start school.

Ava VanDehey, 5, said she’s looking forward to lunch, recess and doing some drawings.

Her mother, Britta VanDehey, said, “It’ll be good. She’s not around kids a lot and she’s ready to mingle.”

Ryland Dicke, 5, was excited about getting to play on the playground. His brother, 6-year-old Dean Dicke, will return to the school for first grade.

“I’m excited about learning new stuff,” Dean said.

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