Students in Lori Solberg’s third grade class at Sutherlin East Primary School organized a fundraiser to help the Sutherlin Fire Department, Sutherlin Police Department and Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center.

With help of the entire student body they were able to raise money to purchase a microchip reader for the police department, a new pet oxygen mask for the the fire department and the animal shelter will be able to purchase 11 scales needed for the care of kittens going into foster care.

When asked what they learned through the experience, third-grader Livvi Peterman said, “You should help out people. Those pets needed some of our help.”

The third-graders are preparing a speech for a March 22 assembly when they will present the gifts to the various agencies.

The students raised nearly $730, almost twice their original goal.

“(People who donated) love animals and they wanted them to be safe, and help out the school,” Livvi said.

Solberg contacted the fire and police department to see how the students could help. When the students agreed on their goals they wrote a proposal to the principal to collect pop cans.

“These students have learned that even at a young age they can make a difference in their community,” Solberg said. “They have learned how great it feels to give to others and they have learned how to find a need in their community and fill it.”

The third-graders then designed informational fliers to be sent home with other students at the school and went to classrooms to deliver a speech.

“Every day she would pick someone who was brave enough to go on the intercom,” Livvi said. Olivia Waechter said she was the first person to talk on the intercom, while Livvi had the Valentine’s Day shift.

Students were on a schedule to pick up cans from each classroom and at the end of every day an update announcement was made to encourage participation.

The fundraiser has ended, thank you notes have been sent. “We told them thank you, and how we raised the money and what we would do with it,” Olivia said.

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Sanne Godfrey is the education reporter for The News-Review.

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