WINCHESTER — The newest academic building at Umpqua Community College to replace the site of a 2015 mass shooting will come with a new name.

After a dedication set for March 23, the name Snyder Hall will be no more. Instead, say hello to Taphòytha’ Hall, the new name approved by the Umpqua Community College Board of Education on Wednesday.

The name of Taphòytha’ Hall (pronounced duh-poi’-tuh) was selected as a way to recognize the area’s history, honor the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians and be “a symbol of the college’s future optimism,” accoring to a UCC press release.

The name, which follows months of consideration that included campus, community and tribal feedback, is derived from a Takelma language word that means “to be blessed and to prosper,” according to the release.

The College wanted to use a Native American word to recognize the area’s history, and to honor the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians, one of the College’s most significant supporters. After considering multiple words, the use of taphòytha’ was authorized by the Tribal Board of Directors.

On Oct. 1, a gunman entered Snyder Hall, taking the lives of eight students and one professor, and wounding nine others. After careful consideration, UCC set out to raise money to level Snyder Hall and build a new building in its place. The former Snyder Hall was leveled in October 2016, and construction on a new building began shortly after.

In addition to approving the new building’s name, the UCC Board also approved reassigning the Ralph Snyder name to the campus’ nearby circular fountain. Snyder, one of UCC’s original administrators, was known for his unwavering student support. In a recent survey, UCC students felt strongly about honoring Snyder’s legacy by placing his name on the campus fountain.

Taphòytha’ Hall is expected to be ready for its official dedication set for March 23, at 3 p.m.

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Ashley Fisher

The last I read about this, there was going to be no name change. I , nor anyone I know, was aware of any discussions or requests for public input into this decision. I remember Ralph Snyder as an inspirational teacher at RHS, a driving force in the establishment of UCC and a contributor to its early success and growth. Is honoring money (what they really mean by "support") more important than remembering dedication, perseverance, and community service?


Tearing down Snyder Hall was a careless waste of a good, well-contructed classroom building. Fifty Douglas firs will be decapitated to build the new classroom. I taught English classes many years in Snyder Hall and never heard anyone complain about the building. Cow Creek's managers have reason to be optimistic: they have been granted the perpetual right to reap outrageous gambling profits from their casino. Cow Creek's involvement in Douglas County education began way back in 1856 when they burned down the Rice Creek School. It is good of them, though, to throw a few crumbs to those of us who do the work. Their charity probabaly works well for their taxes, also.


Ralph Snyder's family I'm sure are honored that his legacy continues...on a water fountain.

In order to move way from the event, the college has renamed Snyder Hall. Umpqua Community College is going to be forever linked to mass murder. Perhaps the college board should consider changing the college's name.

Interesting that the college chose a name which is both unpronounceable and prone to be misspelled. Calling an ambulance and trying to direct the emergency crew to the new building may just cost someone their life because of this ridiculous name change.

just me

duh, that really spells like it sounds



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