Last week, we talked about establishing new routines as students go back to in-person learning.

However, it’s become clear that many students are also opting to stick with distance learning. So here are some tips on how to say with online learning.

At this point, if you’re on the distance learning path, you’ve probably got your physical routines in place. If you’re a K-3 Roseburg Public School student who is transitioning to the district remote learning classroom, you may be some switch up in your teacher and student cohort, but on the same class time routine. Or if you attend another virtual program, you’re probably locked well into place.

However, as anyone who has worked from home knows, the importance of structure and having routines is actually more important because you’re not changing physical locations as a signal to your brain to transition to a new activity. Think about Mr. Roger’s habit of changing sweaters and putting on different shoes. Even if you change locations in your house by only a few feet, having different areas of your home or different clothing designated for a specific activity, you are alerting your brain to change. This kind of habit can strengthen your routines, keep you organized and maintain helpful disciplines.

Stay positive and have fun with whatever learning program you’re using to work with your students.

Question: What are the best ways to support parents working through this transition? How do we make learning better?

Answer: The base of any kind of learning program is: learning! Have fun in whatever structure you choose to work with your students.

Q: What happens if there’s a power outage? Will students be marked absent, docked grades, do parents need to call… what’s the protocol?

A: If you have a power outage or other electrical or technical issue that prevents your student from being able to work online, contact your teachers and/or school site as soon as possible with the timeline for the issue and about when you think it will be resolved. Typically, the student will be held harmless if the issue is outside of their control to fix. If you have slow or low internet capabilities and it becomes a persistent barrier for your learner, consider asking about hot spots available through the school district and some of the online programs, as well as student waivers offered by some internet providers with special terms.

The following links have helpful resources for Roseburg Public Schools. Offers Tech Support FAQs and contact information – you can also email or call 541-440-8271 and leave a message, although RPS is recommending families to contact teachers and librarians as the starting point for troubleshooting.

Remote Learning FAQs from Roseburg High School —

Reopening resources including Family Toolkit link —

The Family Toolkit has been updated with an K-3 Return to In-Person Learning Information tab and other COVID-19 related information.

Jessica Monday is the online learning coordinator for Roseburg Public Schools. The Family ToolKit from Roseburg Public Schools also has a lot of useful, free resources:

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