Lian Lininger placed his rocket on a plastic straw and then blew to make the spaceship fly through the conference room at Roseburg Public Library on Tuesday.

The 4-year-old then picked the rocket up, placed it back on the straw and repeated the action numerous times.

Lian enjoys learning about space and even wore a shirt with a space shuttle on it, including the apt phrase, “Give Me Some Space.”

Besides shooting straw rockets through the library, the children who showed up at the library for Astronaut Training learned how to work with tools, staying safe and how to navigate through space’s obstacles.

“Astronauts don’t get to work with their hands, they use tools,” said Roseburg Library Youth Services Librarian Aurora Oberg.

Children used tweezers to work with perler beads and had to keep an egg safe from the impact of a fall by using a variety of materials.

“My brother really likes space so I came along,” 9-year-old Paige Heacock said. Her friend, 9-year-old Quinn Coopred, added, “I thought it’d be fun to come and do some space stuff.”

Oberg created an obstacle course where young explorers were spun around on a chair to provide them with the feeling of traveling in a space shuttle, they then had to make their way through a field of newspaper asteroids before digging for a moon rock, crawling through a tunnel, stack paper cups while wearing gloves, and finally feed the moon rock to the aliens.

Oberg and summer reading aide Alexa Ligon are coordinating programs for summertime library visitors, which on Tuesday meant spinning young patrons on chairs.

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