The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team has reported eight coronavirus-related deaths since Saturday as the county’s death toll continues to rise.

The recovery team Monday reported six deaths, including a 102-year-old man who was diagnosed with COVID-19 Sept. 7 and died Oct. 16, making him the oldest casualty of the coronavirus in Douglas County.

There were seven positive and presumptive cases of COVID-19 reported Saturday, 40 on Sunday and 35 on Monday.

Wednesday, the team reported the deaths of two more county residents, neither of which were vaccinated.

There were 62 new positive COVID-19 tests reported Tuesday and 49 positive and presumptive cases listed Wednesday.

Of the 31 Douglas County residents receiving hospital care for the coronavirus, 26 are reportedly not fully vaccinated. There are 17 patients being cared for locally and 14 out of the area, including one which continues to receive specialized treatment in another state.

CHI Mercy Medical Center had four COVID-19 patients in its intensive care unit while, for the first time since its inception, there were no patients in the hospital’s progressive care unit. Ten percent of all patients being treated at the hospital have COVID-19-related symptoms.

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Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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On National Children’s Day, there is NO MENTION in the News-Review that 21 Douglas County schools reported 33 new Covid cases last week according to the Oregon Health Authority Outbreak Report published two days ago. The following are Douglas County schools that reported new cases in just the last week:






Camas Valley-------------------1--------10/17/21


Fullerton IV Elementary-----1--------10/13/21

Green Elementary-------------1--------10/18/21

Highland Elementary---------1--------10/15/21

Hucrest Elementary-----------4--------10/17/21

John C. Fremont Middle-----1--------10/15/21

Joseph Lane Middle-----------1--------10/20/21

Lookingglass Elementary----1--------10/18/21

Myrtle Creek Elementary-----1--------10/12/21

North Douglas High------------1---------10/9/21

Oakland Elementary-----------2--------10/15/21


Reedsport Community-------2---------10/15/21

Riddle High School ------------1---------10/17/21

Roseburg High-------------------4---------10/17/21

South Umpqua High-----------1---------10/15/21

Sutherlin Middle----------------1---------10/15/21

Winchester Elementary-------3---------10/19/21

Yoncalla High--------------------3----------10/17/21

Yoncalla Elementary-----------1----------10/18/21



A friend of mine is a teacher at one of the schools that reported cases over the last week. I asked her if she was aware of the new cases reported at her school by the Oregon Health Authority. She said the only way the teachers find out is through gossip because there are no announcements made by the Superintendent or Principals when a new case occurs.


148 Douglas County residents have died since August 20 when County Commissioner press releases began reporting the vaccination status of residents who died of Covid. Below are the vaccination statistics for those 148 Douglas County Covid deaths, not including an infant who died on September 6. According to the CDC (below link), 49.1% of Douglas County is vaccinated today.



Fully Vaccinated------23----------15.6%--------77.2

Not Vaccinated-------124---------84.4%--------66.9


4th times a charm


Thanks, Mike.


You're welcome.


Hey, Donovan Brink or Ian Campbell, I have a question.

Why have Mike's data posts been repeatedly deleted recently. I have checked him repeatedly and he is almost always accurate, taking info from the state, CDC and other reliable sources. If he makes a typo or math error, he is willing to correct it quickly.

I would think that data from the state dashboards and CDC would be non-controversial. I personally dislike culling data from the dashboards and I appreciate Mike's willingness to do it.

No other poster in the comment section disagrees and argues with Mike more than I do. We're not exactly pals. But I do not argue with his data. It's helpful.

Can you tell us why this non-controversial data is being repeatedly deleted?

Thank you.


It still seems that it is a 20-25% death rate even if vaccinated....and I received an email from a State Rep saying that he contracted the virus, after being fully vaccinated by someone else who was fully vaccinated....nothing in 100%.....


Wretched722: you write, "It still seems that it is a 20-25% death rate even if vaccinated."

No, no, a thousand times no. I don't know if you are willfully misunderstanding the fairly simple arithmetic I've explained here before, or whether you really don't understand it. I've linked to information published earlier.

When I wrote that earlier piece, it looked like the vaccines were about 89% effective at keeping people out of the hospital. The summary data over the last several months indicate the vaccines are about 97.6% effective at keeping people above ground. Which is a good place.

If you truly don't understand the math, give me a call. Please.


Comment deleted.

Mike, thanks. This suggests a 97.6% efficacy of the vaccine in keeping people above ground. This is based on some crude assumptions, like: "the vaccination rate is the same across age groups"--which is clearly not true. But the fact that the vaccinated who die are a decade older and this is a group more likely to be vaccinated, only argues for an even greater efficacy. I'd settle for 97.6%!


How many of the 8 deaths were unvaccinated?


kaydee44: six of the eight were unvaccinated. You can find this information by subscribing to the county's updates. But you will be dealing with small numbers and it will be easy to misunderstand the data. I've written here multiple times about how there are apparent but unreal paradoxes. (Example: if everyone is vaccinated and the vaccine is 99% effective, it will be the case that absolutely everyone who dies will have been vaccinated.)

Bottom line is that the vaccines are about 90-95% effective at keeping people out of the hospital and above ground. And the vaccine also keeps the unvaccinated from getting sick, too.


Thank you, Citizen Joe. I'm wondering why the NR cannot be consistent in reporting vaccinated vs unvaccinated in both hospitalizations and deaths. If people can see for themselves how the vaccinations work, they may be much more likely to take the jab than they would be than to have the government "mandate" it. People still consider themselves to have freedom of choice and the more information is available to them, the more likely they will make an intelligent choice.


The NR has been both inconsistent and inaccurate in its Covid reporting. There is almost INFINITE information available to anyone who seeks it. Then its their CHOICE of what to believe.


kaydee44: from Mike's data, the vaccine is 97.6% effective in preventing death from COVID-19.


Thank you, Citizen Joe. I appreciate Mike's data, and I'm a numbers person, but just can't seem to wrap my head around it. For the people to understand it, it needs a simple line like "the vaccine is 97.5% effective in preventing death from COVID-19.

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