The former director of the Downtown Roseburg Association, Alyssa McConnel, filed Tuesday to run for Douglas County commissioner.

She’s the eighth to file for the seat, which was vacated by Gary Leif. Leif is now the interim representative for state House District 2.

McConnel said she wants to be commissioner because she has a passion for public service.

“I like listening to the people and acting on it, and I want good things for Douglas County,” she said.

She said Douglas County has a revenue problem and she believes new ideas can lead to new revenue sources. She said government contracts need to be looked at closely and there may be new ways to make money off county-owned land. She also said she has the energy to be “super transparent” with the public.

The more the government is open with the people about its process, its budget and its spending, the more trust people have in the government, she said.

“Right now we kind of lack trust in government bodies,” she said.

McConnel said she’s been staying up late at night Googling ideas for how to fix the county’s budget problems. She said she’d like to see the county make more effort to publicize and explain the different county job descriptions, meetings and committees on social media so that younger people can figure out what the county is doing and become more engaged. She said working to restore federal timber harvests is important, but said it’s also important for the county not to get tunnel vision.

She said the county also needs “plans B, C, D, E and F” for improving the economy. She also suggested county commissioners should reach out to successful counties in other places to see how their governments make money.

McConnel was ousted as director of the Downtown Roseburg Association in April. Ninety business owners and employees subsequently signed a petition supporting her. Documents from the Oregon Employment Department later revealed she had been fired after making comments critical of the city of Roseburg. She had questioned whether the DRA was getting a good deal in its contract with the city to provide parking enforcement downtown.

McConnel said she brought a lot of volunteers and new revenue in for the DRA while she was its director. And she attended Roseburg City Council meetings “almost religiously” for the last two years while she served as the DRA director. She was also formerly on the Myrtle Creek Chamber of Commerce board, a member of the Myrtle Creek Parks Commission and a salesperson at The News-Review.

She said her experience shows she has energy and a commitment to motivating people that sets her apart from the other candidates. She said she doesn’t want to be a politician.

“My goal is just to be the leader that Douglas County deserves,” she said.

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This must be a fat paycheck do nothing job because EVERYONE wants a piece of the action!


The commissioner position ranges from 80-90k a year. Yet when candidates apply there is no job description. Everyone has their opinion on what the county commissioners DO, but is there any guidelines, responsibilities, job description?
Perhaps a candidate that doesn't own a business, property, and doesn't have the retired mind set, might be suitable for this kind of paid position.


This has top be a joke. I work downtown and she would come into my work to talk with the owner and just hangout. She would clearly be either intoxicated or on something. She literally just laid down in our place one day in a bench. Something not right with this one.


Nsync Rules, Trolls Drool.


Oh! @Nsyncrules where do you work? I’d love to verify these allegations with the owner. In the meantime, take a listen to my song, “What’s your name?”


That's actually pretty awesome. As far as where I work, it doesn't matter. All I'm saying is I've personally seen some things from her that makes me wonder how professional she really is. I find it funny that she's running, that's all, just my opinion, it's not like I'm trying to ruin her campaign.


But if we are talking about being professional, usually when someone makes a claim, they have should evidence to back it up.
It’s pretty easy to say something behind a screen, but are you willing to put yourself on the spot to prove your point?
I have personally seen her do great things for the people and business owners of downtown while she was with the DRA.


That sounds so far out as to be unbelievable. Don't know her at all but she would be a great commissioner in our opinion. Don't care to hear your outlandish allegations behind a fake screen name.


Don't we all have fake screen names? Maybe her observations are true since neither of us know her. As to her making a GREAT commissioner who can say.
They're all mystery people to me. I'm not fond of politicians period big or small.

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