Cave Junction chemist Art Robinson will take a fifth run at the 4th Congressional District. Republican voters once again nominated him for the position Tuesday. He’ll face Democratic incumbent Peter DeFazio in November.

Each time he’s run, Robinson has won over Republicans but lost to DeFazio in the general election. After initial election results were announced Tuesday night, Robinson said he plans to work hard in his next attempt to unseat DeFazio.

“We seem to be able to win primary elections, but it would be nice to add a regular election. We’re going to try hard. We will do our best. We’ve gained on this guy, but we haven’t got him. We hope we’ll gain more,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he’s pleased to have won the primary again.

“There were a lot of people in the race, so I didn’t really know what would happen. I thought that we had a good chance to win, but I hate to say that ahead of time. It looks like we’ve won very nicely, so that’s good. I’m glad the voters still want us to do this,” he said.

Robinson received 45.5 percent of the Republican vote. He was challenged for the job by Curry County Commissioner Court Boice, who received 23.7 percent of the vote.

Boice said Tuesday evening he wasn’t ruling out another run for Congress in the future, but for now he said he has plenty of work left to do in Curry County. He was disappointed in the results.

“We thought we were the best chance to defeat Peter DeFazio, but we got a good lesson tonight,” he said.

He said Robinson will be a great congressman if he gets the chance.

Boice’s primary campaign issue was increased timber management on federal lands he said would help prevent forest forest fires.

“I’m going to keep beating that drum, because nobody has the advantage we have, and we have to fiercely defend our forests,” he said.

Other challengers included former Linn County Republican Central Committee Chairwoman Jo Rae Perkins of Albany; Grants Pass realtor Michael Polen; and Stefan Strek of Eugene. Perkins received 20.8 percent of the vote, Polen just under 6 percent and Strek 3.4 percent.

DeFazio easily defeated his only challenger for the Democratic nomination, Daniel Arcangel of Monmouth, by a margin of 91.5 to 7.7 percent. Arcangel, a cashier at Costco Wholesale of Albany, had pitched himself as a young, progressive, working-class candidate. DeFazio is a 30-year veteran of Congress. During his time as a U.S. Representative, DeFazio has championed infrastructure improvements, veteran care reforms and port dredging, among other things.

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Mr. Robinson, just a thought - you don't endear anyone to your candidacy when you refer to Peter DeFazio as "this guy". It's been "This Guy" who has represented the people of our district with an unyielding mind set to listen to and represent them. His salary increases go toward funding college scholarships. His head is down and working for Oregon rather than getting caught up in the chaos that's now tearing down our country. I'd say good luck to you, but you're running against the best.


Robinson is King in this, the Age of Imbeciles.


"We've gained on this guy, but we haven't got him." From 2010 to 2016, Art has managed to get 44, 39, 38, and 40 percent of the vote. If Art keeps "gaining" at this rate, he will win just after the cold, dark, diffuse death of the universe.


Douglas County voters, there's a word for doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again expecting a different result. With Art Robinson that word is highly appropriate. That being said I look forward to the five-peat.


Hey, Mysteron! Thought of you this a.m.! Emailing you at old address.

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