Ann Krimetz appeared poised to defeat Keith Longie for a seat on the Roseburg Public Schools board of directors after the Douglas County Clerk’s Office released the unofficial final results of Tuesday’s Special Election.

Krimetz had 57.72% of the vote, while Longie had 41.69%, according to the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.

“I’m grateful for the support I received,” Krimetz said. “This is a new endeavor for me, but I’m looking forward to advocating for parents, kids and also the teachers.”

Krimetz has worked as a substitute instructional assistant and is concerned about families and students recovering from a difficult year, both academically and emotionally, in the pandemic.

“We’re going to have some real problems surfacing,” she said. “I hope to make a difference.”

Election results also showed that Andrew Shirtcliff defeated incumbent Micki Hall, which delighted Krimetz, as she wouldn’t be the only newcomer to the board.

Shirtcliff had 50.9% of the votes where Hall had 48.74%. Those election results shifted from initial election results Tuesday evening.

Brandon Bishop was also in the lead over Samantha Frost but Frost is ineligible for the position as she has not lived in the school district for more than a year. Howard Johnson was running unopposed.

In total, 16,142 people, or 19.84% of registered voters, throughout the county cast their ballot in the Special District Election. Percentage wise participation was a slightly higher this year than it was in 2019 and 2017.

In Winston-Dillard School District, Erin Saylor will take over the position from incumbent Lorna Quimby. Saylor was leading with 53.56% of the votes, while Quimby had 45.53%.

Quimby’s granddaughter MLiss Shrum didn’t fare any better, as she was down in her race to be on the school board against Jeremy Mitchell, with Mitchell getting 70.99% of votes and Shrum 28.12%.

Jasmine Geyer was leading John Poore with 51.79% of the votes vs. Poore’s 47.42% of votes.

At South Umpqua School District, Jeannie Weakly received 49.06% of votes, while her two opponents shared the rest of the votes.

Bill Ratledge will be joining the Sutherlin School Board after receiving 60.17% of votes, while his opponent Scott McKnight received 39.51% of votes.

Incumbent Michael Boehm will hold on to his seat in Sutherlin with 56.83% of votes.

In Glide, things will likely stay the same. All three races for positions on the school board were contested and the incumbents’ Dan Metz and Candice Voynick had the lead over the newcomers. Jeffery Brown will join the board, as he garnered 61.1% of the votes.

In Days Creek, Valerie Anderson held a large lead over Todd Vaughn. Anderson got 67.24% of the votes, while Vaughn got 32.33% of votes. Charlie Sawyer defeated Chelsie Hopkins by one vote.

Douglas County Clerk Dan Loomis said it is possible the official outcome of the election between Sawyer and Hopkins could differ from the unofficial results.

“In a race that has that margin of only one, it is reasonable to think that the Official Final Results, on June 7, may possibly change,” Loomis said. “Currently there are challenged ballots (no signature, signature no match, wrong person in household signed, etc.). Those voters can still rectify those ballots, during the next 14 days, and they will be tallied into the Official Final Results.”

Della Orcutt had a lead with 50.71% of votes in her favor for the Yoncalla school board, where Trinity Benito received 46.45% of votes.

Amanda Ruiter of Camas Valley ran unopposed and received 46.92% of the vote. However, 53.08% of people wrote in a candidate.

UMPQUA COMMUNITY COLLEGEErica Mills will get to hold on to her seat at the Umpqua Community College board of education table for a little while longer.

Mills was leading with 59.43% of the votes. Her opponent, Kat Stone, received 40.16% of the votes.

Steve Loosley and Guy Kennerly ran unopposed and will also be returning to the board.

DOUGLAS EDUCATION SERVICE DISTRICTMichael Keizer defeated high school teacher Gwen Feero for a seat on the Douglas Education Service District board.

Keizer received 53.09% of the votes, while Feero had 46.26%.

Gina Marie Stewart, Harry McDermott and Anita Cox ran unopposed and will receive another term.

Sanne Godfrey can be reached at or 541-957-4203. Follow her on Twitter @sannegodfrey.

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(3) comments


Am confused by your comment, Mike. According to the Douglas County Republican Party website, the Special District Election results overall had more than 100 candidates they supported who were elected or re-elected to the positions for which they ran (yes, some positions were uncontested). Less than 20 of those endorsed were not. On the school board races alone, 28 or 29 of those supported were elected or re-elected; only 9 or 10 of those supported did not (one race still undecided). I would say conservatives are pretty pleased with the overall election results.

Or...perhaps you were just being sarcastic. You might do well to remember the words of Oscar Wilde, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit..."


Finishing the part of the quote you left out: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”

Thank you for your kind compliment.


Which candidate recommended by Douglas County's Republican Party will declare this election fraudulent because they lost?

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