State Rep. Gary Leif, R-Roseburg, filed Thursday for reelection to House District 2.

House District 2 includes Roseburg and much of South County. Leif is the first to file to run for the seat in the 2020 primary.

“It is my pleasure and honor to serve the citizens of House District 2,” Leif said in a written statement. “We continue our efforts to build bridges with the metropolitan legislators who control so much of the rulemaking process.

“I am anxious and energized to continue my representation for the needs of rural Oregon that are so different from those of metropolitan Oregon,” he said.

Leif was first appointed and then elected to the District 2 seat in 2018. He has served on the Business and Labor Committee, Higher Education Caucus, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Transportation, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety, the Sportsman Caucus and as vice chairman of the Water Committee.

He will serve as vice chairman of the Water Committee again in the 2020 session, and also represent the district on the Community College Caucus, the Ways and Means subcommittees on transportation and public safety and the Sportsman Caucus.

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It just amazes me. When he was county commissioner along with Boice and Freeman and the news review broke that story they had stolen $900,000 of county safety net money for their personal travel expenses to fly to Washington, DC, he quickly abused his position to have an article posted asking for donations/money on a gofund me account for his own travel expenses.....despite the fact that a county commissioner in douglas county makes more money than most people living here will probably see or make in their life time. Than he becomes a state rep, which to my understanding (could be wrong) despite being a higher position, actually pays less.....but requires frequent visits to Salem. Unless he re-located to that area, I don't understand how he seems to have no problem with his travel expenses now, but couldn't manage them when his previous job was in his own city? By the way, if anyone from the news review is bored someone should look into why the audit that Freeman claimed was going to happen after they stole that county safety net money never happened or was buried and they hope we all forgot all about.


great idea, what ever happened on a lot of things


Oh they did one..they just used the auditor that the county has contracted with for EVER..Not an "outside audit" but if Timmy says it, it must be [batman][ninja]

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