Greater Idaho will be on the May ballot in Douglas County.

Douglas County Clerk Dan Loomis said Wednesday morning that the county has verified that enough of the signatures Chief Petitioner Mike McCarter turned in two weeks ago are valid. Greater Idaho had collected at least 3,003 valid signatures, he said.

The Greater Idaho question is the first local measure to qualify for the ballot. It will be labeled Measure 10-185.

If voters were to approve it, the measure would change an ordinance to allow county officials to advocate for legislation to move the Oregon and Idaho border.

Greater Idaho supporters hope ultimately to shift the border so that eastern and southwestern Oregon become part of Idaho. Actually moving that border would require approval from both states’ legislatures and from Congress.

In the meantime, the movement is working on gathering support from counties that want to be included in the shift.

Similar measures have won approval in several eastern Oregon counties. In all, eight counties have voted in favor of Greater Idaho ballot measures.

Here in Douglas County, however, a similar 2020 measure on the Idaho border question was rejected by voters by a margin of 57% to 43%.

“If southwestern Oregon wants to be included in this border relocation, then Douglas County needs to prove it with their vote. Otherwise, state legislatures might settle for just eastern Oregon,” McCarter said in a press release.

The 2020 measure was an advisory question referred to the ballot by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

McCarter said he believes things could go differently this time around in Douglas County.

“We hardly spent anything on that campaign, and there was nothing in the voter pamphlet, so voters didn’t even know what they were voting on in 2020,” McCarter said.

Greater Idaho will also have an initiative on the ballot in Klamath County in May. McCarter said he hopes supporters will connect the movement with major donors in both counties.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(9) comments


An easy fix. If you want to live in Idaho..MOVE THERE.

Robert Heilman

The dark aspect of this is that it seems to be related to the America Redoubt movement which seeks to establish a safe haven for right-wing extremists consisting of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the eastern portions of Oregon and Washington. The movement dates back to 2011 and is centered in northern Idaho, the former home of the Aryan Nations group. The movement began as one for Christian survivalists who wanted a place to be prepared for the End Times but has since accumulated political overtones. Yes, the Greater Idaho movement is absurd but it is also supported by some very unsavory people.


If Rural Oregon wants better representation in State Government, they should stop voting for people like Dallas Heard. The reason Douglas County gets seemingly legislated by Portland and the Willamette Valley is that the majority of people around here decide to send children to represent them. Recent Republicans aren't being elected to govern. They are being sent to obstruct all legislation to then point and scream that Democrats are bullying them and not playing fair.

Now we have these NImrods literally trying to secede from the state because they don't like the way it's being run. The Champions of "If you don't like it, leave" can't see the irony in what they're crying about. If you want it run better, elect people to make your lives better rather than to make someone else miserable. Or, shut up and leave. That will be fewer people voting for Heard and Skarlatos and maybe we'll be able to have leadership that cares about the county.


Excellent comment.


Beyond the astounding number of unintended consequences this will have on jobs, insurance, property values, businesses, corporations, policing, etc., this sounds like the biggest case of gerrymandering imaginable. What's next for these types that want to seek such homogenous bubbles? Ethnic cleansing? More political extremism?


I urge every Republican to donate all your money and time to this cause.

Climb on Rocinante, and *ride*!


[thumbup]Citizenjoe. You plan is the only one that makes sense.

D Steel

What a wasted effort, it’s doomed to fail.


Spending time on this is just so dumb. Stands to reason though when the elected officials we have are at the front of the stupid parade.

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