Paul Romero of Roseburg appears in this photo from 2019.

Roseburg Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul Romero has laid out some campaign promises he calls his “Contract with Oregon.”

Romero said he was inspired by former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.

“It kind of forced Congress, and the people that were there and got earmarks and all that stuff, to kind of straighten up and fly right because with that Contract with America he got a bunch of people elected,” Romero said.

“So he got in there and he followed through with it, and I thought you know, Oregon needs that, because we’ve had plenty of politicians, we’ve had no real statesmen,” he said in an interview Thursday.

A Navy veteran and CEO of Youwalk Today, Inc., Romero ran unsuccessfully in 2020 for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. He lost the primary to Jo Rae Perkins, who in turn lost to incumbent Democrat Jeff Merkley in November.

This time, he’s turned his attention to state office.

In his new contract, Romero has a checklist of about two dozen things he wants to accomplish as governor.

On that to-do list is a comprehensive audit of Oregon’s budget for waste, fraud and abuse.

He also wants to work toward making Oregon an income and property tax free state.

Asked how he’d replace the tax money, he falls back on eliminating the waste, fraud and abuse he believes are included in state spending now.

“The goal would be to figure out what monies we have and to shut off the spigots coming out of the general fund,” he said.

He wants to audit all legislators, too, to see if they are receiving incentives or bribes for their votes.

Another item on Romero’s list is forbidding the state Department of Human Services from removing children from their homes without proof of a crime and a warrant.

“I understand there are children in bad situations that need to be rescued. Sometimes there are bad parents and what have you. But it seems to me that they have been really extending their authority a little bit above and beyond,” he said.

He hopes to reduce the problem of homelessness through job training, tiny homes and other assistance. But he said those who refuse to step up and embrace those opportunities will be dealt with according to the law.

“We can’t allow homeless to just be taking up space on public spaces, streets, sidewalks, parks, etc. That’s not right to allow that to happen,” he said.

Among the laws he said he’d push for in the Legislature are serious penalties for crimes involving rioting.

He also hopes for legislation penalizing municipalities that defund the police by denying them grant funding, and prosecuting officials who take action to defund the police.

Other legislation he wants to push would end welfare to minor mothers, enforce child support and create tax incentives for adoption.

The full list can be viewed at romerofororegon.com. Romero said the list is a work in progress and he’s still taking suggestions.

Despite the more dramatic items included on the list, Romero does not believe it’s controversial.

Romero believes that Oregon’s election outcomes — including his own in the 2020 Senate race — have been altered by Dominion Voting Systems. He alleges that many vote counting systems in the state are being run on Dominion machines.

“More information I’m sure is going to be coming out about that, especially with Dominion being at the heart and the overall control of our voting systems here in Oregon,” he said.

Conspiracy theories about Dominion have caught fire among some supporters of former President Donald Trump since he lost the 2020 election.

Romero believes items on his list that might prove controversial among more liberal voters actually have the support of the majority, and that ties into his theories about Dominion as well.

For example, he does not believe Oregonians really voted in favor of the drug legalization measure on the ballot in 2020.

Romero said the state is in the hands of socialist leaders.

“They have literally choked the life out of the state of Oregon, and what I ask people very simply is tell me this, in the last 20 years is your life better in Oregon?”

The answer, he said, is invariably “no.”

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at ccegavske@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(10) comments


Seriously, are there any sane Republicans left in Oregon willing to speak out? It seems to be the party of conspiracy theorists, crackpots and arguing over who can be the Trumpiest. Decent Republicans all seem to have taken cover under a rock, hoping not to be snipered by the RWNJ whackos. They're burning their house to the ground, while blaming everyone but themselves.


Where to begin with Paul Romero. Not too deep a dive yet, but a general idea of who Paul appears to be. Paul wants to use the Newt Gingrich Plan and offer a Contract to get candidates elected. I believe we can assume that Paul means Republican candidates. Nothing of note there, but then Paul uses the D word. Does Paul understand that Dominion now has lawsuits against several individuals and entities. The alt-right news outlet Newsmax has already settled, “issued a retraction and apology on its website saying it found "no evidence" that earlier claims about Coomer and the 2020 election were true.” regarding voting systems. That's a non-starter Paul, you don't want to be sued before your campaign even gets gets off the ground.

https://www.businessinsider.com/everyone-dominion-smartmatic-suing-defamation-election-conspiracy-theories-2021-2 – and, https://www.businessinsider.com/newsmax-settles-dominion-executive-eric-coomer-defamation-lawsuit-and-apologizes-2021-4

Paul indicates he's unhappy and under the notion that Oregon has become difficult for the majority of people living here, something a candidate tosses out hoping it will stick by offering a sweeping generalization of how he thinks the majority of Oregonians feel. He wants certain specific things to happen but lists them more as demands "I'm going to" which doesn't show an understanding of what a governor actually does. Governors don't address issues from the bottom up, but rather have to address issues from the top down. He seems to miss that changes come, or should come, in bipartisan legislating.

He's not going to call for an independent audit, because that's already being done. Perhaps he means he would rather define and execute his form of audit. There is already a method by where citizens can whistleblow what they believe to be fraud and waste in state government. Surely he's had an opportunity to read both the 2020 State and Independent audit. Maybe not, let's see if he will:

https://sos.oregon.gov/audits/Documents/2021-13.pdf – and https://douglascounty-oregon.us/DocumentCenter/View/5449/Report-of-Independent-Accountants?bidId=

Paul espouses the 1776 Commission which came and went in the blink of an eye, literally started two days before the ex-president left office and dropped shortly after our now president took office. At its core, it's about “patriotic education” meaning let's just forget all about the minorities and teach all children only the history of us white folk. That's a good reason to drop it. One can't justify teaching only the great and glory of one race without teaching our diverse State about the history of diversity since 1776. To do otherwise would be brainwashing.

Let's stop here and just say that perhaps in 6 months, when the grand jury makes its decisions whether to indict and charge the ex-president, or those of Trump, Inc., we just might witness candidates who will choose to not continue to bend a knee in fealty to a criminal, and can adapt and live peacefully among us all striving to be better politicians rather than frustrated conspiracy believers.


NJ: what you said.


Oh. A conspiracy theorist RWNJ who *lost* to an arguably even worse RWNJ, Jo Rae Perkins.

So he'll carry Douglas County. I am so proud.


"We can't allow homeless to just be taking up space on public spaces, streets, sidewalks, parks, etc. That's not right to allow that to happen," said Romero.

So what's your solution?

Scott Mendelson

Ever see the old movie, Soylent Green?

Marine Vet

Conspiracy Theory's Just make IGNORANT PEOPLE Feel Relevant.!!! Just another MORON. Americans Need to STOP Electing Window Lickers..Romero believes that Oregon's election outcomes — including his own in the 2020 Senate race — have been altered by Dominion Voting Systems. He alleges that many vote counting systems in the state are being run on Dominion machines.


Why don't you run for public office? You're good at criticizing others, so, maybe you should walk your talk.


Incidentally, I am not impressed with MR Romero either. It is very difficult to get competent people to run for public office anymore due to a host of reasons and regardless of which party they represent.



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