Douglas County Republican Chairperson Valynn Currie has filed to run for Douglas County commissioner.

Currie will challenge incumbent Tim Freeman for the seat. She is the second challenger to file. Also running is Brandy Stone.

Currie cited a need to fix problems she said the current commissioners have caused as the reason for her run.

She said she wants to improve the Douglas County Board of Commissioners’ transparency.

Currie said she wants to listen to the people of Douglas County and give them a voice rather than dictating to them.

“If people have questions, I’m going to give them answers. I’m not going to hide from them,” she said.

She said if something needs to be exposed, it should be exposed.

“The light is a very good antiseptic,” she said.

She also said it’s a problem that all three board members are running for reelection at the same time, when the Oregon Constitution says only two should run at the same time. It’s the kind of problem, she said, that she would be able to fix.

“I’m a good problem solver. I can solve a lot of their problems,” she said.

Currie said she plans to run a positive campaign, and one she will fund herself. She doesn’t plan to spend a lot of money on the campaign.

“My attitude is if somebody wants to give to the campaign, I’d rather have them give to the Republican Party of Douglas County or to the charity of their choice,” she said.

“I don’t see being indebted to a lot of people as a good way to go,” she said.

Currie is a native Oregonian who has lived in Douglas County most of her life.

She is a former Winston Chamber of Commerce president and the owner of Currieco Real Estate. She has been a realtor for 44 years.

Currie has also served on numerous local boards. She currently serves on the boards of the Douglas County Cultural Coalition and Wildlife Safari, and is a past president of the Family Development Center and Umpqua Valley Arts Association.

She is a graduate of Douglas High School and studied real estate and computers at Umpqua Community College. She also completed a real estate program at the Norm Webb School of Real Estate, based in Salem.

Currie said the county is still timber based, but also needs to look to the future.

“There’s a lot of industries that may not even have been invented yet,” she said.

Americans are moving toward a faster pace, more involved with computers and electric energy, for example, she said.

“We can be reaching out to create things that are not being done right now because of the hurdles,” she said.

Currie was involved in the creation of a commerce zone on Diamond Lake Boulevard and in getting apartments built on Pomona Street east of Roseburg.

She said it’s important to develop the infrastructure and remove the barriers to increase housing in the county.

She said government needs to be more consumer oriented, instead of creating hurdles to developing property.

It’s a big county, and faces a myriad of issues, she said.

“You just have to see the problems as they arise and work on them and have enough of an open mind to hear both sides, and that’s something I’m good at is listening,” she said.

She said her motto is ‘here to serve.’

“I want to be able to serve the people of Douglas County and help get the county back on track, and get rid of some of the stagnation that’s been going on, and get us into the century that we’re in,” she said.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(27) comments

Mike Ruehle for Commissioner

Commissioner Candidate Valynn Curry has yet to respond to any of the questions posed to her in this comment section of the News-Review. Hopefully some of the Republican Party Members who attended last night’s “RePub Crawl” created to generate election excitement will comment on whether Candidate Curry responded to any of the below questions during her soiree.


Perhaps a Letter to the Editor from you asking your questions is more apropos? As much as I am against her candidacy I don't expect her to scour media online on the offchance someone uploads a list of questions in the comments section.


She was approached to run by Mr Heard because the current sitting commissioners rejected the Citizens Against Tyranny vigilantism. The threat to "sign or else" seems to have been carried out by Mr Heard.

Who is the tyrant here? Who is really for "freedom"? Someone chosen by Dallas Heard? Good luck with that; my vote is with Commissioner Freeman and a moderate approach to governing.


Curry is an ally of David Jaques and the Queen of Mean, Marilynn Kittleman. Be careful Douglas County voters. A wolf in sheeps' clothing will bite you.



In fairness, sheep's "clothing" also transmits anthrax. Ditto goats.

An old name of anthrax was woolsorters' disease. But people also got it in myriad other ways. My personal favorite was bongo drums. (This one was reported when I was a pathology resident:

and there are more, if you care to search>

Mike Ruehle for Commissioner

Tomorrow, the Douglas County Republican Party will be holding a “RePub Crawl” where they will visit three different downtown businesses and introduce the new Commissioner Candidates to Douglas County Republican Committee members. I was initially invited to the soiree but had my invitation rescinded one hour after I accepted their invitation. Since I won’t be attending, I have questions I will be unable to ask Republican Party Chairwoman and Commissioner Candidate Valynn Currie which include:

1. Why was conservative Commissioner Candidate Mike Ruehle not invited to attend the RePub Crawl?

2. Is Commissioner Candidate Currie proud to be Chairwoman of the Douglas County Republican Party? Valynn Currie has zero mention in her Linkedin profile (below link) of her participation in Douglas County’s Republican Party as its Chairwoman. It appears she doesn’t want prospective real estate clients to know about it.

3. Is Commissioner Candidate Currie in favor or opposed to legalizing marijuana in Douglas County? Ms. Currie’s Linkedin profile lists her involvement in the "Pete Asmus real estate networking group” which claims on its own Linkedin profile to be an “asset management company with an Investing Fund focused on the golden shovels of the Cannabis Industry- Real Estate and Testing Labs” for those who wish to “Get in on the GREENRUSH Cannabis BOOM.”

4. Will Commissioner Candidate Currie utilize her Commissioner position to further attempts to reopen a quarry she owns? In 2018, a Valynn Currie was denied by Douglas County (below link), “a conditional use permit to reopen and expand a quarry to occupy approximately 73 acres within a 280 acre tract of land in the county.” Ms. Curry’s appeal to LUBA was also denied.

5. Considering the significant negative publicity Senator Dallas Heard brought to Douglas County prior to his election to Oregon Republican Party Chairman, exactly what was the positive energy Commissioner Candidate Currie was speaking about when she voted to elect Chairman Heard? Valynn Curry voted on February 21, 2021 to elect Senator Dallas Heard as Chairman to Oregon’s Republican Party. According to the News-Review (below link) Currie predicted Heard would energize the party and said, “We’re excited about it and it helps Southern Oregon…I like the energy that Dallas is going to bring to the ORP, and so that’s going to be positive.” Ms. Currie’s vote followed shortly AFTER Senator Heard had formed the doxxing business group Citizens Against Tyranny, followed the national attention Senator Heard got in December for ripping his mask off in protest on the Senate Floor and followed his January 6 attendance and support at the “Occupy the Capitol” rally in Salem where he told his followers, ““Don’t let any of these punks from that stone temple over there ever tell you they are better than any of you. Trust me. I work with these fools. None of them are half as good as any of you.”

6. Does Commissioner Candidate Curry support or oppose moving Douglas County to Oregon? According to Candidate Currie, “the feeling of not being represented is what created the Move Oregon's Border movement…I think Idaho votes more like eastern Oregon and southern Oregon and we would feel very represented by them.”

7. Will Commissioner Candidate Curry refrain from seeking zoning changes to her personal real estate from the Douglas County Planning Department? In the past, it appears Candidate Curry has sought many, many zoning changes to her personally owned real properties in Douglas County. The below link includes just a few. Considering the Planning Department is overseen by the County Commissioners, it would pose a conflict of interest for a Commissioner to ask for a zoning change from a group under their responsibility.

8. How exactly does Commissioner Candidate Curry intend to solve the problem of all three Commissioner Positions running for reelection at the same time?

9. Will Candidate Curry commit to working without pay if elected Commissioner?

10. Will Candidate Curry commit to opposing all new taxes and fees if elected Commissioner?

11. Will Candidate Curry commit to not seeking higher office if elected Commissioner?

12. Exactly what transparency issues does Commissioner Candidate plan to solve?

Tom Wingo

I too have questions:

1. Is she running to effect planning and assessor department decisions regarding her interests and the interests of partner Larry Saccato and close friend former controversial County Assessor Roger Hartman?

2. How will her support of Dallas Heard impact how she would be a commissioner? Will she support the ordinance's that Dallas wanted the County to pass regarding opposing any and all mandates/restrictions imposed by the Governor? If so, how would she support those businesses found in violation of OSHA rules that follow this ordinance? Will county tax payer money be spent to pay their OSHA fines? Does she support the public outing of anyone who files an OSHA complaint regarding compliance with covid restrictions? Would she expect all of the County's departments to ignore OSHA's covid rules? How would those County employees that report OSHA violations be treated by her as a Commissioner?

3. What is her position on the outcome of the last presidential election as it relates to how she view elections in Oregon. Does she think the Trump won the election and does she think Oregon's vote by mail needs to be abolished? And will she use her opinion on the elections to put pressure on the County Clerks Office to change its practices?

4. What is her relationship to Larry Saccatto who has sued numerous County employees and officials -- and "Paul Andrew Mitchell" (formerly housed in federal prison) the alias of the "Private Attorney General" that has worked with Larry Saccato in making outlandish accusations of fraud by the County?

I see some of you more liberal leaning people in this comment sections cheering that this person is running against Tim Freeman (who has become a caricature of your own creation). Be careful what you wish for... there is conservative (e.g. Liz Cheney) and then there is crazy (Marjorie Taylor Greene) - sometimes crazy is in sheep's clothing... much to your chagrin this County is going to vote in a conservative, that is inevitable -- but change isn't always a good thing..

Also, Mike -- I'm still not voting for you, but I have to have some pretty good questions for her...






"Re-pub Crawl" Or more closely, the "Omicron Crawl". All good questions someone should be given the opportunity to ask.




I am no fan of Curry, but you might want to read what this appeal was about. I believe Curry had opposed the opening of the quarry off the N Umpqua Hwy because she lives near by not own the quarry land.

"4. Will Commissioner Candidate Currie utilize her Commissioner position to further attempts to reopen a quarry she owns? In 2018, a Valynn Currie was denied by Douglas County (below link), “a conditional use permit to reopen and expand a quarry to occupy approximately 73 acres within a 280 acre tract of land in the county.” Ms. Curry’s appeal to LUBA was also denied."


👎 NO, NO & NO. Currie said “she wants to listen to the people of Douglas County” but history shows only if the political party is her party.

Mike Ruehle for Commissioner

Commissioner Candidate Valynn Currie is the Chairperson for the same Douglas County Republican Committee that extended me an invitation as a fellow Commissioner candidate to attend tomorrow’s “RePub Crawl” meet and greet among Douglas County Republican Party members. Maybe Commissioner Candidate Currie would care to elaborate on exactly why, after I accepted the invitation and provided my election platform, the invitation was rescinded an hour later. The reason stated was “to ensure that the members of this party feel safe and welcome.”

It appears Candidate Currie’s platform is similar to my Platform in many ways including transparency, no-campaign contributions and non-overlapping Commissioner Elections. I’m curious whether maybe the reason why I was un-invited to the “RePub Crawl” is because our platforms were too similar and she didn’t want competition at the meet and greet her committee is hosting.

I hope her members ask her the same question tomorrow and also whether she is willing to commit to a 2-year term to fix the election overlap problem and whether she is willing to work for no salary like I am.


"...the invitation was rescinded an hour later. The reason stated was “to ensure that the members of this party feel safe and welcome." Wow, a glaring Red Herring if I ever read one. Feel Safe? What I've read about what the current elected officials say and do, they are the reason others don't feel safe.




Glad to see that both Boice and Freeman have what appear to be solid challengers.

Mike Ruehle for Commissioner

It should be interesting seeing who Oregon Republican Party Chairman Dallas Heard endorses for election, incumbent Commissioner Freeman who didn't offer support for his Citizens Against Tyranny doxxing in blood group, or Valynn Currie, the current Douglas County Republican Party Chairwoman.


Valynn supported Dallas for state GOP party chair. She said he was the change needed.


Valynn, did you ever apologize for blaming the vandalism on the GOP headquarters on Biden supporters? You said, " I’m just going to say it’s the Biden supporters, because obviously. We don’t know who did it, but we’re going to find out."

And then you did find out and it was a registered Republican, a member of your own party. And you'd blamed it on Democrats "because obviously." You also had some choice comments about people being filled with so much hate.

Yep, that was a registered Republican. I guess it gives us a window into your thinking processes, because obviously.....



Kudos for "window"




Yep, I think you two have your act ready to take on the road. [beam] [thumbup]



The GQP can’t admit fault or apologize for wrongly accusing the Democratic Party.


Well, good. It appears she's had a more substantial track record than the incumbent, as far as doing good for the community.

It's disappointing that she regards her campaign as partisan, and suggests that supporters donate to the Republican Party instead of her.

Has she ever retracted her false accusation about who the guilty party was, regarding vandalism at Republican headquarters?

Will she pledge openness at meetings? Will she renounce a salary?

I do hope she is as responsive as Mike is on these pages. Readers really would like to know more.


Are no Democratic citizens running?


Not so far. Know anyone? Send them my way.

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