Signs for Tim Freeman’s campaign face many commuters as the primary election nears. Incumbents Chris Boice and Freeman have the deepest pockets of the Douglas County commissioners, according to records from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.

Street signs pepper front lawns and roadsides, while radio ads fill the airwaves. And all of it costs money.

This campaign season, Roseburg residents have to make choices among seven congressional candidates, nine county commissioner contenders and two assessor candidates, along with some contenders for statewide offices such as governor.

Fundraising can say a lot about how much support a candidate has in the community, and sometimes outside the community.

So which candidates on Douglas County residents’ ballots have raised the most cash?

It may come as a surprise that a bigger election doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger campaign war chest.

Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman, for example, is one of the most successful fundraisers on the ballot. In 2017 and 2018, he’s collected $53,059 for his re-election campaign. That’s more than the leading Republican contender for the Fourth Congressional District, Art Robinson, who has collected $41,759 over the same period. Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice has also out-earned Robinson during that time, collecting $43,510.

None of those comes close to the amount incumbent Democratic governor, Kate Brown, has raised. She’s received $1.5 million in 2018 alone. Even Peter DeFazio, the Democratic incumbent in the Fourth Congressional District, hasn’t raised as much as Brown. But he has collected $948,510 in 2017 and 2018. Robinson’s contributions amount to just 4.5 percent of that.

Here’s a rundown of campaign contributions:

Douglas County commissioner

The top earner in the Douglas County Commissioner, Position 2 race is incumbent Freeman, with contributions totaling $53,059 since the beginning of 2017. He’s garnered many business contributions. In recent weeks, he’s received contributions from Knife River Materials, the local physicians group DCIPA, Southport Forest Products and the Orloggers political action committee, among others. His nearest challenger is Brandy Stone, who has raised $1,072, almost all from small individual donations.

Position 2 candidates Rita Harris, Ashley Hicks and Victor Petrucci have not reported any contributions.

The top earner in the Douglas County Commissioner, Position 3 race is incumbent Chris Boice, who has collected $43,510 since the beginning of 2017. His contributions come from a mix of individual and business donors. He recently received contributions from Umpqua Sand and Gravel and Roseburg Forest Products, among others. His nearest challenger is Jeremy Salter, who has collected $3,034. Salter recently received contributions from Guadalupe Preciado-McAlister and Victoria Hawks.

Position 3 candidates Jason Leeper and James Hoyt have not reported any contributions.

State legislature

It’s early days in these races, since the candidates are essentially running unopposed in the primaries. Their campaigns, and the fundraising to support them, are likely to heat up as we get closer to the November general election.

Gary Leif, the Douglas County commissioner running in the District 2 Republican primary, has collected $6,200 since the beginning of 2017. Although former representative Dallas Heard’s name appears on the ballot, he’s now a senator and no longer seeks the House position.

In November, Leif will face Democrat Megan Salter, who has collected $2,947 so far.

The House District 7 incumbent, Republican Cedric Hayden, has collected $19,014 this year, and received $91,949 in 2017, including a number of out-of-state donations, many from pharmaceutical companies. His contributors also included Johnson & Johnson and Anheuser-Busch.

Hayden is unopposed in the primary. On the Democratic ticket, Christy Inskip is running unopposed as well. She has collected $2,600 in contributions so far, mostly from small individual donations.

Senate District 1 candidates Dallas Heard, a Republican, and Shannon Souza, a Democrat, bypass the May primary altogether and won’t face each other until November, due to a complex series of events that followed former senator Jeff Kruse’s resignation.

In North County, Sen. Floyd Prozanski is running unopposed in the Democratic primary, while Scott Rohter is running unopposed in the Republican primary. Prozanski has collected $24,388 since the beginning of 2017, while Rohter has reported no campaign contributions.

4th Congressional District

DeFazio, D-Springfield, is far ahead of his challengers, having raised $948,510 since the beginning of 2017 from a blend of individual, union and business donors. His only primary challenger, Daniel Arcangel, has reported no contributions.

Three Republican primary candidates also have reported no contributions. They are Court Boice, Stefan Strek and Michael Polen. Strek told The News-Review his main contributors have been friends who purchased campaign T-shirts, and that he’s only collected about $500. He said he’s working on getting his federal elections filing together, and that state and federal information on how to file is confusing. Polen said he's running a lean, self-funded campaign and hasn't accepted contributions from anyone.

Republican Jo Rae Perkins has collected $11,732. Of that, $4,851 was in loans she made to her own campaign. Robinson is the leading Republican fundraiser, with $41,759, mostly in small contributions from individual donors, many of whom are from outside of Oregon.


The incumbent, Democrat Kate Brown, collected a combined $4.4 million in contributions in 2017 and 2018, while her Democratic challengers Candace Neville and Ed Jones have reported no campaign contributions at all.

Republican Knute Buehler collected $3.4 million since the beginning of 2017. Other top contenders for the Republican nomination include Sam Carpenter, who has $252,003 in contributions, and Greg Wooldridge, who has $235,812.

Other candidate contribution amounts include $17,593 for Bruce Cuff, $19,269 for Jeff Smith, and $9,160 for David Stauffer. No campaign contributions have been reported by Republicans Keenan Bohach, Jonathan Edwards, Brett Hyland or Jack Tacy.

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