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Jim Stelson

Heating a home often requires more energy than the combined use of all other home equipment and appliances. So, addressing home heating system efficiency is key to reducing utility bills while saving energy. For homes that use electric baseboard, electric radiant heaters or electric furnaces, a heat pump can provide the same amount of heat with one third of the electricity.

Last year Douglas County Smart Energy promoted ductless heat pumps in three forums held in Roseburg. Forty-five home owners installed ductless heat pumps or standard heat pumps through the promotion. The follow-up survey indicates a high degree of satisfaction with the performance of the systems and the quality of the installations by Barnes Heating and Cooling.

This year Douglas County Smart Energy will again promote ductless heat pumps and heat pumps. Mahalo Heating and Air conditioning in conjunction with the Energy Trust of Oregon, is offering $2,500 incentives for ductless heat pumps installed in manufactured homes with existing resistance heat and $3,000 for heat pumps installed in manufactured homes with forced air electric furnaces. For home owners of other than manufactured homes, there is an incentive for ductless heat pumps of $800 for Pacific Power customers and $500 for Douglas Electric customers.

Mahalo Heating and Air Conditioning is the only contractor in Douglas County that can provide the top incentive for manufactured homes, but there are eight Energy Trust qualified HVAC contractors in Douglas County who can install ductless heat pumps with the standard incentive.

Come learn about ductless heat pumps for your home or business. We have an informational meeting at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 20, at the Elks Lodge in Myrtle Creek, 106 S. Main St. If you decide a heat pump is for you, you will be able to initiate the process by requesting quotes from the contractors at the meeting.

Jim Stelson is a mechanical engineer, an Energy Engineer at EWEB, and a resident of Douglas County since 2000.

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