David Reeck and an electric car charge station.

Pacific Power is helping Roseburg charge into the 21st century through a grant to the city to install four charging stations.

The charging posts will be installed at the Roseburg Visitor Center, the newly re-opened Roseburg Public Library, the Umpqua Valley Arts Association and the downtown parking structure. Each charging post can power up to two cars at the same time and are free to use.

Visitors and tourists traveling on Interstate 5 and Diamond Lake Boulevard will have options to charge their electric car battery while they shop, eat and explore around Roseburg. Locals who work or shop downtown are also encouraged to use the soon-to-be installed charging stations when they come online this summer.

The application the City of Roseburg submitted to Pacific Power’s electric vehicle charging station grant program had strong local and regional support. It included letters of support from the Roseburg City Manager Lance Colley, Oregon State Rep. Gary Leif, Travel Southern Oregon, United Community Action Network, Umpqua Economic Development Partnership, Umpqua Basin Economic Alliance, Douglas County Smart Energy and Douglas County Global Warming Coalition, which helped this project be selected as an awardee.

Pacific Power is offering additional grants for electric vehicle charging infrastructures which are available to qualifying non-residential customers in Oregon, Washington and California.

Interested businesses, non-profits and cities can learn about applying for these grants by visiting pacificpower.net/evgrants.

Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program customers are also funding solar projects in several locations around Douglas County.

Interested persons can see, touch and learn about electric cars and charging at the upcoming Earth Day and Energy Fair at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Apr. 20.

To learn more about electric cars and charging, solar energy, heat pumps and other energy saving ideas for your home or business, the Douglas County Smart Energy organization meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Douglas Electric Co-Op office, 1981 NE Stephens St., Roseburg.

David Reeck is a semi-retired electrical engineer from the automobile industry. For additional information about joining the Douglas County Smart Energy organization, energy saving and renewable energy, call David at 541-817-7225.

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Willie Stroker

Why not install these at Walmart or Sherms? Nobody goes downtown. I'm not driving my $80,000 electric car downtown where it might be stolen or I might be stabbed. This is some leftist idea to get more people downtown where there is nothing to do. The taxpayers and Pacific Power customers will end up paying for them in the long run!


Yep...FAKE News!! Shame on you...The New-Review, for spreading such false propaganda. You want to report "real" news, how 'bout ya investigate and report the real cost, that this will cost the citizens of Roseburg, Douglas County, and the State of Oregon. Pacific Power does not operate it's business model for "free".


The charging stations are not "free."
Pacific Powers ratepayers are paying for it.


You know the consumer will end up paying for this "freebie". What about people that can't afford an electric auto? Is someone going to pay for their gas? Most folks that can afford an electric auto can afford to pay to have it recharged too. But no the consumer will end up paying for it in the form of higher electric bills.

Willie Stroker

Exactly! Why do they want them downtown? Nobody goes downtown. They'd be more useful at Walmart, Sherms, Costco, etc. Places people go and are at long enough to actual charge their car. This is some leftist idea to get more people downtown where there is nothing to do. I'm not risking getting my car broken into or stabbed to save a few bucks a year. The taxpayers and Pacific Power customers will end up paying for these in the long run as it is.

Willie Stroker

Next thing you know they'll turn I-5 into a train track and ban all cars and planes. Kind of like what AOC wants to do with her "Green New Deal."

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