DIAMOND LAKE — The mountains in eastern Douglas County turned into a winter wonderland this December, which brought hundreds of visitors to Diamond Lake last weekend.

“I’ve never been here before,” said Desiree Walker, of Klamath Falls. “But it’s a lot of fun.”

Walker and her family came to the area to use the Hilltop Shop Snow Tubing Slide Hill.

The tubing hill has five lanes and a conveyor belt to help people get to the top of the hill. Tickets are only available online this year and include the cost of renting the tubes.

Visitors take to the tubing hill at Diamond Lake.

On Saturday, tickets sold out as families from throughout the Pacific Northwest made their way to the snow.

Teagan Harris, of Klamath Falls, had been to Diamond Lake a number of times with her family.

The eighth-grader enjoyed sliding down the mountain and getting out of the house.

Many others also expanded on their Christmas celebration with adventures in the snow.

And while many of the visitors came from Southern Oregon, there were also a few people from up north — including Brittany Young, who made the trip from Seattle.

There was an overall consensus among the people using the tube hill that the first lane was the fastest. It certainly was the one used most frequently, which helped compact the snow and turn it into an icy slide.

People of all ages came out to slide down the mountain in the red, green, blue and yellow tubes. Tickets allowed people to slide the hill for three hours during either a morning or afternoon session.

In addition to tubing, there are also snowmobiles available to rent to ride the many trails in the area.

For those looking for a good time in the snow without the adrenaline boost, there are many small hills for sledding, as well as opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the area. Rentals are available at Diamond Lake Resort.

The entire area was covered in an additional 9 inches of snow early Saturday morning, creating a soft powdery snow ideal for snowball fights, snowman building and first trips to the snow.

The area was reported to have 13 inches of snow Sunday night and more snow was expected in the area for the next five days.

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