This image from Douglas Forest Protective Association employee Brennan Pettibone shows flames from the Archie Creek Fire on Friday.

At least 109 residences in Idleyld Park and Glide have been destroyed because of the Archie Creek Fire, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

"As you can imagine that's a lot of families and a lot of heartache," said sheriff's spokesperson Brad O'Dell.

The sheriff's office held a private meeting with 225 people Sunday evening to discuss residential damage in the area.

"It was an emotional day for a lot of these folks," O'Dell said.

The number of residences lost due to the fire is not a final number, O'Dell said. As areas are cleared and officials are able to make their way into scorched areas, the number might rise. The specific locations of the destroyed homes have not been released, according to O'Dell.

"I am confident those who have lost their homes will find the support of our communities," O'Dell said in a press release. "Douglas County is a great place to live and work and we are known for rallying around each other in times of need."

As of Sunday morning, the Archie Creek Fire was estimated to have burned more than 121,000 acres of land and is only 10% contained. No fatalities or missing people have been reported to the sheriff's office.

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I am from Oregon but now retired and living in another state. It is so distressing to see what is going on in Oregon, California and Washington with the fires. A terrible and horrific event. Our prayers are with

you to keep you safe.

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