Pack Saddle Fire

Crews responded to a small fire Friday morning 5 miles east of Myrtle Creek.

Wildland firefighters spent Friday morning fighting a brush fire allegedly started by someone who lit and illegally dumped a mattress near Myrtle Creek.

Just after 10 a.m., crews from the Douglas Forest Protective Association were sent to fight the small blaze 5 miles east of Myrtle Creek near Pack Saddle Road.

Crews quickly suppressed the fire and later determined how the fire had started, according to Kyle Reed, a DFPA spokesman.

In all, the fire was about 1/100th of an acre.

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Perhaps we're fed up with stories about the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Douglas County had ZERO deaths.


Tell that to the family of the man from Lane County who died yesterday from coronavirus.


You'd think it must be a slow day in newstown to publish a picture and a story about a burnt mattress by the managing editor no less. Readers of the NRToday will never know world coronavirus cases passed six million today with over 365,000 deaths. Those same readers won't find a story about the over 104,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths to date or the nationwide demonstrations and arrest of CNN reporters over the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

With all that's going on, I don't understand how stories about burnt mattresses sell newspapers. But maybe that's the point. Maybe the NRToday does care more about burnt mattress stories than selling newspapers. Maybe NRToday's marching orders from our Commissioners are to quiet the populace and its 14,000 subscribers, make them feel like they don't have to worry about problems outside Douglas County. And if burnt mattresses are all people have to worry about, like Thomas Gray said, "ignorance is bliss."

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