Big Tom Folley Fire

The Big Tom Folley Fire, which was caused by lightning in Douglas County, is approximately 10 acres in size as of Saturday morning.

Four more lightning-caused fires have been located since Friday night, bringing the total number of fires in the area to 25, according to the Douglas Forest Protective Association.

Each one of the new fires were already lined by Saturday afternoon with crews working to mop up each area, according to DFPA spokesman Kyle Reed.

The Glide Transfer Fire, located 4 miles west of Glide, burned 1/100 of an acre. The Stinger Gulch Fire, 2 miles northwest of Days Creek, burned 1/10 of an acre. The Three Horn Fire, 11 miles south of Tiller, burned 1/100 of an acre. And the Johnny Hutch Fire, 8 miles northeast of Tiller, burned 1/10 of an acre.

The largest fire remains the Big Tom Folley Fire, which is now estimated to be burning 10 acres of land 5 miles northeast of Elkton.

Reed said crews fought the fire overnight and made great progress on containing the blaze. As of 10 a.m. Saturday, fire line had been constructed around 95% of the fire and hosing had been installed around about half of the fire.

Crews also removed several snags in the area that threatened fire lines and posed safety concerns for firefighters, Reed said.

About 60 firefighters are assigned to the fire.

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