Chaos Fire

Wolf Creek Interagency Hotshot Crew conducts a burnout operation to secure a containment line in Division Golf of the Chaos Fire.

Crews continue efforts to contain the Jack, Rough Patch Complex fires that have both seen a growth of 2,000 acres in size since Thursday.

Through containment strategies, crews hope to prevent the fire from traveling west.

The Jack Fire grew 2,000 acres in size since yesterday. It has burned a total of 25,753 acres and remains at 53% containment. Whereas the Rough Patch Complex fire nearly jumped 2,000 acres, placing it at 19,369 acres with 3% containment.

Within the Rough Patch Complex, the Chaos and Little Bend fires remain at 0% containment, with reinforcement lines being constructed and monitored.

South of the Jack Fire, the Buckhead and Minky Fires continue burning with both at 0% containment. A contingency line, which acts as a defensive line, will be set up south of the flames to prevent its westward path.

Due to the fires, several closures have been announced in the Umpqua and Willamette National Forests. Closures now the Canton Creek Campground, Musick Guard Station and Cover Campground.

Additional closures include the Scaredman Recreation Site.

The Devil’s Knob Complex is 15% contained and grew to 18,642 acres, according to a Friday release. The complex, a collection for lightning-caused fires burning in the Tiller Ranger District on private lands protected by the Douglas Forest Protective Association, is wanting to move west.

The largest fire in the complex is the Big Hamlin Fire, which has burned 10,615 acres, is being attacked on the south-eastern side by crews rushing to build containment lines. Officials said crews made great overnight progress in preventing further spread.

The second-largest fire in the complex, the Smith Fire, has burned nearly 5,000 acres. On Friday, firefighters will back burn certain areas around the blaze if conditions are right. Heavy equipment is being used on the fire’s east flank, but access to the fire’s northern reaches remains difficult.

Temperatures in the area are forecast to be in the upper 70s and low 80s with wind gusts out of the northwest up to 25 mph.

Madison Temmel is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at and 541-957-4217.

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Madison Temmel is the Charles Snowden intern at The News-Review. She can be reached at and 541-957-4217.

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