Miles Fire

A helicopter dumps a load of water on the Burnt Peak fire.

More than 1,000 structures and 400 homes have been checked or outfitted to better withstand the extreme wildfire conditions in Southern Oregon thanks to 41 different fire agencies, according to the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Those preparations, while tested Friday night as fire activity increased, paid dividends as no homes were lost overnight.

Saturday’s weather was better for firefighters, but relative humidity levels remain well below the critical threshold, according to Kristin Schafer, a spokeswoman for the state fire marshal’s office.

The area that is burning hasn’t seen much moisture since May and was recently declared to be in a moderate drought.

Firefighters focused on the Miles Fire’s southern flank Saturday. However, late Friday afternoon, two spot fires jumped the perimeter. One jumped to the east of Elk Creek Road, just south of Homestead Trailhead and is already estimated to be at least 200 acres.

The second spot fire is located just north of Alco Creek and is being attacked with helicopters and airplanes.

The Miles Fire is estimated to be 44,000 acres in size and only 5 percent contained. Gusty northwestern winds cleared the skies temporarily Saturday, but the winds should die down moving into Sunday, allowing for stagnant smoky conditions to return.

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