The Douglas County Sheriff's office Sunday announced a lowered evacuation level for residents between Glide and Idleyld Park.

Residents along Highway 138 between milepost 17 (the green bridge) in Glide to the Narrows Wayside at Idleyld Park — as well as residents on Lone Rock Road and Terrace Drive in Glide — have been reduced from a Level 3 "Go!" to Level 2 "Be Set". 

A road block has been established at the Idleyld Trading Post, as law enforcement and the Oregon Department of Transportation will be unable to allow anyone to travel further east due to hazardous conditions that continue to exist beyond that closure.

"The reduction in these areas does not mean that the danger is gone. Residents, if deciding to return, must continue to monitor official sources of information and be prepared to leave at a moment's notice if the situation changes," DCSO Sgt. Brad O'Dell said in a statement released at noon Sunday. "Something residents should also be aware of is the current hazardous air quality in the area. Those with heart or lung health conditions, young children and those who are elderly should really take caution with the smoke."

The air quality index in Roseburg was at 576 as of 10 a.m. Sunday. By comparison, the top 10 cities worldwide with air quality issues average 110-160 daily. An AQI of 100 is considered satisfactory, while a level of 300 or higher is considered hazardous.

Local officials are urging residents, especially those with compromised cardiovascular systems, to stay inside except for the case of an emergency.

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