Four people were arrested Saturday for allegedly burglarizing a storage building in the 2400 block of Diamond Lake Boulevard.

Police received a tip that 40-year-old Adam Dwayne Collins had gone to the building to burglarize it and went to check the area around midnight.

When police got to the location, they saw two people walking along the storefronts on the east side of the complex.

Later, an officer heard noises coming from one of the storage buildings, according to court documents.

Police found a door that partly-open door with fresh pry mark son the frame, according to court documents.

Officers surrounded the building and asked the occupants to come out.

After several minutes Collins and 27-year-old Brooke Adaire Williams, of North Carolina, came out and were detained, according to court documents.

Several more minutes passed before Kendra Leslie Jo Melson, 30, of Winston, exited the building.

Police brought K9 Axel on scene to coax 31-year-old Richard Aust out of the building.

An officer told Aust that he would send in the K9 if Aust didn’t to come out. Aust came out after a few minutes, according to court documents.

All four were arrested, charged with second-degree burglary and lodged in the Douglas County Jail.

When officers cleared the building they saw more than 100 boxes that has been sorted through and discarded throughout the room, according to court documents.

Collins told police he came to the location to sleep and had no intention of stealing anything.

While being interviewed by police, Brooke denied burglarizing the building, saying she came with Collins and was in the process of making her way further past the boxes when police arrived. She conceded that the situation was strange, according to court documents.

Melson told police that Aust made a comment about living in the building since June. She told police that Aust entered the room like he owned the place.

Aust told police he had been living in the building for some time and had permission to be there.

When police contacted the owner of the building, she said no one has permission to be in the building.

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