A Douglas County girl who was sexually assaulted for at least a year is suing her abuser, who is in prison for the crime, for more than $2 million for sexual abuse of a child and emotional distress.

The complaint against Jamie Todd Adams was filed in Douglas County Circuit Court last month on behalf of the girl by her legal representative, known as a guardian ad litem.

In October, Adams, a 44-year-old former Glide School District maintenance worker, was sentenced to 12½ years in prison for sexually abusing the girl.

The News-Review does not disclose the names of sexual assault victims.

The complaint said the girl suffered severe harm from the abuse perpetrated by Adams, stating:

“As a result of the Defendant’s multiple incidents of sexual abuse, Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer severe and debilitating physical, mental and emotional injury, including pain and suffering and emotional trauma, all to her non-economic damages in an amount the jury determines to be fair and reasonable, but currently estimated in the approximate sum of $2 million, the exact amount of which will be proven at trial, all of which was reasonably foreseeable.”

The victim is also asking for at least $15,000 for future costs for counseling, psychiatric and psychological medical treatment.

The abuse “transgressed the bounds of all socially tolerable conduct,” the complaint claims.

Adams began sexually assaulting the girl after he moved to the area from California in June 2017, according to court records.

The more than two dozen attacks occurred over the course of at least a year and during some periods occurred nearly daily, those records show.

Adams told the girl if she ever mentioned the abuse to anyone he would hurt members of her family, according to court records.

Adams’ actions were reported to police by a relative of the victim in September 2018. Adams was arrested a few days later.

Adams, who is housed at the Snake River Correctional Institute in Ontario, Oregon, has yet to respond to the complaint.

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