Glide recreational idea

Glide Revitalization had proposed to develop land owned by the Glide School District into a family recreational facility. The district said it was notified that the nonprofit requested to remove its lease proposal.

Glide Revitalization has reportedly pulled out of its plan to negotiate a 99-year no-cost lease with the Glide School District aimed at proposed improvements to the vacant athletic fields between the current high school and former middle school properties.

A work session between the nonprofit, which currently leases the main building of the former middle school, and the Glide School Board was scheduled for Tuesday night. That work session, scheduled for 6 p.m. in the high school library, has been canceled. The cancelation comes after board members with Glide Revitalization decided not to proceed with grants due to time constraints, said Trinity Barney, the organization's interim secretary.

Glide Revitalization had been working to enter into a long-term lease with the school district in an effort to make improvements to the property between the two campuses. Those plans included a community recreation area and daycare facilities on the property. The nonprofit had proposed a 99-year lease, which if approved would have made Glide Revitalization eligible to apply for a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency through its Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities.

Glide Revitalization Executive Director Alison Doty could not be reached for comment Monday night.

During a community meeting held at the Glide Community Center Wednesday, residents expressed concerns about the nonprofit’s plans. Since the Archie Creek Fire displaced hundreds of local residents in September 2020, Glide Revitalization has served as the tip of the spear helping residents in the recovery process. Through its relationship with FEMA, the nonprofit was granted the opportunity to apply for a community improvement grant, and publicly promoted its idea of turning that vacant property into a community park.

However, community members, including the Glide Water District — also a nonprofit — expressed concerns about stress on existing infrastructure on the property. There were also questions about the possibility of building a new middle school, and how the grant money would be stipulated by FEMA.

“The BRIC grant is designed to help the community as a whole,” Glide Revitalization President Jody Brown said during Wednesday’s meeting. “But it has to be a long-term lease. If you’re going to give someone millions of dollars, don’t you want to know who’s going to be in charge of that money?

“The 99-year lease is basically semantics. No one can guarantee we’re going to be here in 99 years, it just means that there’s no end date. We plan to be here a long time. We have long-term plans for Glide,” Brown said.

Glide Revitalization had a deadline of Jan. 28 to officially apply for the BRIC grant. When that deadline passes, the nonprofit could attempt to apply again later this year.

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Its a terrible feeling to put your heart into helping your community only to have it ripped out by the few that were no where to be found when help was needed.


So find out if the funding includes improvement to the water infrastructure and the possibility of helping to build that new middle school. If the recreation center would impact the water infrastructure one would think the BRIC would include that infrastructure. Would the new middle school not have to pass a bond measure to fund building it anyway? Is this a matter of water board and school district fear that DHS/FEMA could take undue control of those entities? There should be resource contacts to answer those questions. You all have work to do, find out. Get on it.

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