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Charges for such services as fire safety inspections and building permits will likely go up slightly for Roseburg residents as the city slowly emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and looks to replenish its general fund.

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Jeff Marotz’s pet Chihuahua Tyson may only be about the size of a football, but he’s a pretty good watchdog when it comes to guarding the 34-foot RV the two of them call home. So when Tyson started growling and barking in the early morning hours of April 14, Marotz figured something was up.

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With the clock winding down on her efforts to keep her pet chickens, Ashley Hicks has taken what may possibly be her last chance: appealing to the very city council that she had an often testy relationship with during her four-year tenure.

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When WinCo Foods recently announced plans to build a supermarket at the site of the vacant Roseburg Kmart, company officials said they had been looking to open a store here for more than a decade. Now that those plans have formally been submitted to the city, it appears the project is on the…

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With the deadline for filing federal income taxes slowly creeping up on us, the Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers to check their tax returns for common errors that could delay refunds or otherwise affect normal processing. Here are some ways to avoid tax return slip-ups as the …

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Will it be an economic boon to the region at a time when timber jobs are drying up or merely a pipe dream that will eventually end up on the scrap heap, like so many other grandiose projects pitched before it?

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Oregon’s unemployment rate edged down to 6% in March, from 6.1% in February, a reflection of the more than 20,000 net jobs gained in the month, according to data released Tuesday by the Oregon Employment Department.

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ROSEBURG — With nearly 90,000 interesting books, magazines, newspapers and other items available at the library here, probably the last thing the typical visitor would want to browse through is something called the 2021-2025 Roseburg Public Library Strategic Plan.

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Former Roseburg City Councilor Ashley Hicks has taken a novel approach in her dispute with city officials as they seek to take away her pet chickens. Hicks got a note from her doctor stating that she suffers from emotional/mental health issues and by law is entitled to an emotional service a…

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Spring is on the horizon, which likely means the start of outdoor activities, including youth sports. And that, city officials said, means it is time to start thinking about what to do with the large number of homeless people living in campers and tents in and around public areas, including parks.

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The Roseburg Regional Airport will receive $23,000 in federal funds for costs related to operations, personnel, cleaning, sanitization, janitorial services, debt service payments, and combating the spread of COVID-19.

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Chickens and geese are OK within reason, as are beehives, but roosters and pigs are definitely a no-no. Rabbits, horses, mules, sheep, llamas and ostriches are also allowed under certain conditions. And if you want to bring a herd of goats in to munch down that patch of grass that has grown …

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The coronavirus has taken a significant bite out of revenues for the City of Roseburg, which has led to cuts in spending and a steep drop in the amount the city is able to put away in reserve.