The city of Roseburg has moved its surplus item bidding process online.

The city has partnered with GovDeals and Public Surplus to offer a convenient way for residents to bid and purchase surplus vehicles, equipment, machinery and other items. The system launched last week, and items to purchase will be posted regularly throughout the year.

“Being able to post our surplus items for sale online is a great opportunity to expand our audience and get the best possible price for the city for these items,” City Recorder Amy Sowa said in a prepared statement. “It also allows us to post these items for sale as they become available rather than storing them somewhere on city property for one annual sale. We are hopeful our regular bidders and other interested parties will find this system more convenient and efficient as well.”

As surplus items come into the city, it is posted to either the or website. There, citizens can browse through each item and place bids. Each item includes a “buyer’s fee” that is added to the bid price, a deadline to submit a bid, payment deadline and a deadline to pick up the item. Payments are processed online through each website’s secure server.

In the past, the city used a sealed bid process to auction off surplus items. Citizens who were interested in surplus items needed to attend an annual auction, which was typically held in September at the public works maintenance shop in Roseburg. Items could only be bid on during that time and location. City staff determined that the process was inefficient and not cost-effective. Last year, the City Council passed an ordinance allowing city staff to transition from this process to an online bidding system.

Those who are interested in receiving notifications about upcoming surplus items are encouraged to contact the city of Roseburg in person, or via email at To view active items up for bid, visit or

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