A Douglas County judge on Wednesday restored possession of Roseburg City Councilor Ashley Hicks’ former residence to Samantha Wethington, Hicks’ landlord.

Wethington filed an eviction complaint against Hicks, Hicks’ partner and their daughter after they failed to leave the premises at the end of their 24-month lease. Wethington notified Hicks of her intent not to renew the lease more than 60-days prior to the lease expiration.

Hicks, who must live in Ward 4 to retain her seat on the City Council, said Wednesday she has secured another residence in Ward 4. She plans to move before a writ of restitution could have her forcibly removed from the property by law enforcement.

In her defense, Hicks said the eviction was retaliatory. She referenced prior disputes regarding house renovations and personal issues related to her actions on the City Council.

Wethington attempted and failed to evict Hicks for making renovations without her permission in 2017.

At the trial Wednesday, Douglas County Pro Tem Judge Jason Thomas said Hicks’ defense was invalid.

After Dan McKinney, Wethington’s attorney, introduced a related case as evidence, Thomas said Wethington isn’t obligated to renew Hicks’ lease.

Thomas said the case introduced by McKinney showed there is no defense for a tenant who remained on a property after a lease expired.

Hicks said she is happy to move, despite wanting renew her lease before the eviction complaint was filed.

Prior to the trial, Hicks said wanted to enter mediation. Wethington elected to go to trial, however.

Clifford Free, Wethington’s spouse who attended the Wednesday trial on behalf of her, told The News-Review he was unaware of Hicks’ willingness to move out of the property before electing to go to trial.

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No pay no stay! Is this a good example for a city counsel member to exhibit? The ongoing saga of "Hicks vs The World!" LOL!

Old Tobi

Nothing to do with not paying. She didn't get her lease renewed and it was used as a de facto no-fault eviction, commonly done with tenants who insist on repairs in a market teeming with tenants who won't. Why a state law just got passed trying to limit such behavior by landlords. Tenants with a lot fewer resources than Hicks are getting hurt.


Really. Maybe. She has several OTHER court evictions up North, NOT including small claims actions against her. Behavior doesn't lie.

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