Officials with the city of Roseburg are asking people to report any streetlights that are out.

As we near the shortest and darkest day of the year on the winter solstice, people tend to take more notice of streetlights around the city.

There are about 2,000 streetlights in Roseburg. Of those, 90% are owned and maintained by Pacific Power. The rest are owned by the city.

Anyone seeing a streetlight that is out or not working properly is asked to call the Roseburg Public Works Department at 541-492-6730 to report the issue.

It is helpful to include a street address or the pole number, which can be found on a tag about 5 feet up on the pole.

Public works staff will send the report to the power company if necessary, or to a local electrical contractor the city uses to maintain the city-owned lights.

City officials said streetlight repairs may take 3 to 6 weeks to complete.

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I wish that included signage. The "right turn permitted without stopping" at the corner of Hooker Rd. and General Ave. has been down for almost a year. Don't tell me it was taken down, I know better. Clearly it was beat with a bat over a couple of weeks till it finally fell off its post. Still waiting for its replacement.

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