The deadline to submit proposals to the city of Roseburg to operate a homeless shelter with connected services, also known as a navigation center, has been pushed back a month, from Sept. 9 to Oct. 13.

The decision to push back the deadline was made following an online conference the city held on Thursday to discuss the parameters of the request for proposal with potential applicants. Several attendees asked the city to push back the deadline to give them more time to submit their proposals, said Suzanne Hurt, a spokesperson for the city of Roseburg.

Six organizations participated in Thursday’s conference, including United Community Action Network, Adapt, Redemptive Ministries, Onward Roseburg and Housing First Umpqua — all from Roseburg — and Cobalt Equipment, which is based in Pleasanton, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The conference provided an opportunity for potential service providers to ask questions about the request for proposal process and the discussion went well, according to Assistant City Manager Amy Sowa, who is overseeing the selection process.

Pushing back the deadline about a month means every other step in the process, such as interviews with the organizations and the awarding of the contract, will also be pushed back about a month, although that is subject to change, Hurt said.

The process to select an organization to run the shelter officially started July 29, when the request for proposals for “Navigation Center, Shelter and Support Services” was released.

Funding for the navigation center will come from a $1.5 million grant from the state. The money was included in state legislation passed this year that provides funding for six navigation centers across the state. The other cities getting this funding, ranging from $1.5 million to $5 million, are Eugene, Salem, Bend, Medford and McMinnville.

At a minimum, the navigation center will include sleeping and restroom facilities, according to the request for proposal. Additional preferred services include trauma-informed peer-to-peer counseling, food, showers, laundry, lockers or other secure places for tenant belongings, and an area for pets.

The selected contractor will also be expected to provide data to the city on the operations at the navigation center. That data will include things like the number of shelter beds provided, number of clients served, occupancy rate, number of clients accessing health care services and the number of clients accessing public benefits.

The contractor will also be expected to provide the city with information such as a description of successes during the reporting period and information on any particular challenges or problems that were encountered, and how the agency intends to address those problems.

Additionally, the contractor will provide a general, estimated annual operating cost for the navigation center and the number of clients it is anticipated to serve. The contractor is expected to work with partners and funders to develop renewable revenue sources to keep the navigation center going.

The proposals will be scored on a point system, with points awarded in nine categories. For example, up to 40 points will be awarded for the bidder’s availability/capability to perform the work; up to 30 points for a demonstrated success in delivering similar services; and up to 25 points for references and the experience of the proposer, including prior work with the city.

A maximum of 190 points can be awarded in the nine categories.

There is a bit of urgency surrounding the selection process. The navigation center needs to be up and running by July 1, 2022, or the city will be in jeopardy of having to return the funding back to the state, according to the legislation.

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There were 12 individuals on the zoom webinar. My question is was the reporter able to review the webinar or just repeating what they were told by the city?

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