The Douglas County Board of Commissioners opposes state Sen. Dallas Heard’s Citizens Against Tyranny movement, saying the commissioners cannot in good conscience support the effort.

Citizens Against Tyranny seeks to expose individuals who have filed complaints with the state about businesses not following COVID-19 safety rules, and ban those individuals from local businesses joining the movement.

It also has threatened a recall effort for any elected officials who don’t sign the group’s declaration.

The commissioners put out a special notice about the issue late Tuesday afternoon, saying they had been receiving questions about their position on Citizens Against Tyranny.

“Douglas County has always been a caring and compassionate county, filled with caring and compassionate communities. We have on more than one occasion, put our differences aside in order to help one another. The actions taken today will be remembered tomorrow. The kind of community Douglas County will be when this pandemic is over, will be defined by how we treat one another today,” the board said in a written statement.

The statement said the commissioners understand these are unprecedented and trying times and that people feel desperate.

“We appreciate the passion in which people want to enact change, but we also believe that the actions taken need to be measured, well thought out, and include a wide range of concerns. It is also imperative that we all work together to address these issues in a unified, civil and cooperative manner,” the statement said.

The commissioners cited the response from Sheriff John Hanlin, who has also said he will not support Citizens Against Tyranny.

“Similar to how Sheriff Hanlin expressed his concerns over the same declaration, we do not feel singling people out, publicly shaming them, and potentially making them a target for retaliation for doing, or being merely accused of doing, what they believed to be the right thing in protecting themselves or their neighbors, is the right approach,” the statement said.

And they said they do not believe banning people from businesses who need more revenue is a good idea either.

They also objected to what they said was Citizens Against Tyranny’s attempt to force elected officials to do something under a threat of retaliation.

The commissioners said they have done everything they can to help keep businesses open and have openly chosen not to enforce Gov. Kate Brown’s mandates.

They said one thing they agreed with Heard about was that educating people about the issue was better than enforcement.

The commissioners said they have been very involved in the pandemic response, and working hard to minimize the pandemic’s economic impact.

Among their efforts, they said, have been creating a business grant program, applying for reductions in the county’s classifications so that businesses could reopen earlier, and ensuring additional relief funding was available to businesses.

“Your Douglas County Board of Commissioners has been very active and involved in supporting our Business Community since the pandemic began, and we will continue to do so until it is over. It’s because of everyone’s hard work that all businesses are open today,” the statement said.

Heard could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

In a post on his Facebook page Sunday, Heard voiced opposition to a story The News-Review published online Saturday and in Sunday’s edition, as well as addressing efforts he said were underway among local officials to oppose his efforts. He accused local officials opposing his efforts of having “some serious character problems.”

“There is an incredible effort underway to silence and destroy anyone who believes in God or freedom. I am going through my own experiences with that oppressive darkness right this moment and in spite of the fact that I have seemingly countless enemies both state and local, seen and unseen giving their absolute all to destroy me,” Heard said.

Reporter Carisa Cegavske can be reached at or 541-957-4213.

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Senior Reporter

Carisa Cegavske is the senior reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at or 541-957-4213. Follow her on Twitter @carisa_cegavske

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(32) comments


Are Citizens Against Tyranny a branch of or financed by those involved in Timberunity?


Absolutely not! I am sure there are a few people in this community that support both, and there are some radical conservatives who find it necessary to spew their hate and discontent on TU’s Facebook page. As a PAC, the founders and board members of TimberUnity have made it very clear that they promote peaceful and constructive speech through public input into the legislative process. Like me, I am sure that many of them are genuinely concerned by Dallas’ increasingly over the top behavior.


Your attempt to downplay Timber Unity’s efforts to “promote peaceful and constructive speech through public input into the legislative process” is contrary to their protest past, a recent book on TU radicalism and what their Facebook page says. According to Timber Unity’s Facebook page 22 hours ago, “We want to be really clear that TU will not be participating in any rallies or protests that we ourselves haven't organized for our members…We believe strongly in the right to peaceably protest and demonstrate… There will likely come a time during these sessions when we will call people to the capitols to protest.”

“Since its launch in 2019, Timber Unity wildly misrepresents itself. From its inception, the organization has attracted a range of Far Right supporters who are visible and vocal in the movement. Timber Unity rallies have repeatedly included QAnon followers (whom the FBI has identified as a domestic terrorism threat), militia groups, advocates of “Constitutional Sheriffs,” anti-vaxxers, and Islamophobe. While Timber Unity has sought to downplay these links, an investigation of its social media channels has found extensive ties between its leaders and Far Right figures, as well as the use of racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and violent rhetoric by its supporters.”

The Timber Unity PAC used a $5,000 donation to pay expenses around loggers’ and truckers’ raucous June 27 protest outside the state Capitol.


The Commissioners are cowards. They are NO different than our country lawmakers who extolled a fraudulent election and then ran in fear from the rioters at the capital and the situation they created. Our County Commissioners waited four days to observe the overwhelming backlash to Senator Dallas Heard's Citizens for Tyranny organization before deciding it was in their political best interest to not support Sen. Heard THIS TIME. That's not courage. Courage would have been to condemn Citizens for Tyranny. Not supporting them is cowardice.

Furthermore, the Commissioners had the perfect opportunity in today's press release and did not condemn Sen. Heards obscene behavior at the capital endangering his colleagues and supporting violence toward them. It would have taken courage to condemn the Senator which is exactly why they didn't say anything.

Sheriff Hanlin demonstrated courage by expressing his non-support of Sen. Heard's organization one day after the Citizens for Tyranny article was published, while our County Commissioners waited and watched to decide which side to choose. The Commissioners are pure politicians and unmistakably cowards.


""There is an incredible effort underway to silence and destroy anyone who believes in God or freedom." Uh no. It's not an effort to silence and destroy, it's called Equality For All. It's also all about this, Dallas - "The principle that government must maintain an attitude of neutrality toward religion. The First Amendment not only allows citizens the freedom to practice any religion of their choice or none at all, but also prevents the government from officially recognizing or favoring any religion." It's termed the Separation of Church And State. You should look it up, you'll find out that your specific belief system has no place in any elected office. In fact, the 14th Amendment indicates you should actually be removed from your office. Perhaps you can move to the wilderness and start a cult of the angry white privileged.


Wow. Dallas Heard has some serious issues.

He accused local officials opposing his efforts of having "some serious character problems."

"There is an incredible effort underway to silence and destroy anyone who believes in God or freedom. I am going through my own experiences with that oppressive darkness right this moment and in spite of the fact that I have seemingly countless enemies both state and local, seen and unseen giving their absolute all to destroy me," Heard said.

Yeah. I am not reminded, not reminded at all, of Captan Queeg, in “The Caine Mutiny."


Formal note: I am not diagnosing anybody, just speculating on what could be happening in a situation like this one.

When a person begins to act like Captain Queeg ....

When a person's judgment becomes bad, such as encouraging his fellow believers to break the law ...

When a person believes they know what God wants them to do ...

When a person feels emboldened because they falsely assume that others are committed to their cause ...

When a person believes that there's an incredible effort underway to destroy them because they believe in God and freedom ...

When a person feels oppressed by darkness ...

When a person believes they have countless enemies, both seen and unseen, giving their absolute all to destroy them ...

When a person displays grandiosity and paranoia ....

When a person appears to lack self-awareness ....

It's time for their family and friends to step in and help their loved one who is openly suffering. I'm looking at friends like Gary Leif and Chris Boice. The pastors of the Garden Valley Church. Parents, siblings, partner.

This is serious. Help is available. It could prevent a very bad outcome. Do it.

I could be seen as on of the countless enemies, both seen and unseen, one of the voices pulling down oppressive darkness. I have been vocal. Now, I'm willing to offer compassion and support. I don't know who else to turn to, so I'm asking Gary and Chris to stand up to the plate and to do what's necessary to help.


mworden: you are correct. It is time for genuine concern about his mental health. It is past time, actually, and is absolutely time for an intervention.


I feel worried about the direction this has gone and hope friends and family will provide lovingly firm guidance.


CitizenJoe and mworden - I share your concerns. My spouse even said to me, “Well, our boy Dallas may have jumped the shark on this one”.☹️ I have supported him because he has been an insightful, passionate and courageous voice for conservatives in his district and in rural Oregon. At this point, he clearly needs some better advisers to help him deal with the negative attention and downright persecution that has resulted from his strong beliefs and actions. Sometimes, we need to learn and grow through humility and retrospective.


FormerDemocrat, I hope friends and supporters can put politics aside and demonstrate the core value of caring in times of trouble.


The Douglas County Commissioners are ALL hypocrites. I don’t remember them issuing a press release when Commission Chairman Chris Boice DOXXED me by publishing information on-line where my wife and I live in an attempt to intimidate and shame me. This came after I phoned Commissioner Boice last March and questioned the county’s lackadaisical response to coronavirus and Commissioner Freeman’s statement on coronavirus during a Board of Commissioners meeting when he said; “There is no call for social distancing…There is no call to close events…People should go about their lives.”

The Commissioners untruthfully say they appreciate people's passion and then go on to say “actions taken need to be measured, well thought out." That’s not how they addressed my concerns. In FACT, they did just the opposite. The used their influence to research where I lived and then thought out how to best intimidate me into submission, no different than what Sen. Dallas Heard wishes to do with his organization Citizens for Tyranny. Our County Commissioners are no different than Sen. Dallas Heard. They seek to intimidate and shame ANYONE who disagrees with their decisions.


[thumbup] For anyone who wonders why I support Mike when we disagree on so much, this is why. Not only did the commissioners dox him, they used his criticism as an excuse to make accessing public information more difficult. I'm glad he had the wherewithal and fortitude to stand up to them. The elder ladies that Citizens for Tyranny named and shamed may not have had his level of resource.

Citizens Against Tyranny is a malignant group of bullies.

I'm glad the commissioners have spoken out against them, but their stance is hypocritical. They get no praise or commendation for recognizing that Dallas has slipped a gear.



Marine Vet

I Couldn't Agree more. They are Nothing but a New Aged KKK Mob.


Dallas Heard needs to be put out of office. He's going way too far.. He's being radical.


When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.






Heard is desperate for attention, for whatever reason. Just like trump. He has daddy's money to bail him out, just like trump. Ignorant people love him, just like trump. I'm detecting a pattern here. At least our commissioners have the courage to distance themselves from him. Hopefully the pendulum is swinging back to civility.


I disagree. I believe they are cowards and lack any measure of courage. If they had any courage, they would have posted a press release the day after Sen. Heard's article rather than waiting days to observe the response to the article on Citizens for Tyranny and and counted the smiley and angry faces responses to the article before responding themselves. In my opinion, they are merely politicians and cowards, unlike Sheriff Hanlin who came out against Citizens for Tyranny the day after the article was published.


I assume it's ok for the left to condone "doxing" any conservative, but not so fast giving out info about informants when they follow Queen Brown's edicts.

Just another prime example of liberal/left hypocrisy... ho hum! So what else is new...




You do realize that "pego" means "caught", don't you? Well maybe not, we'll consider the source of that username decision. Perhaps this year you won't allow yourself to be "caught" up in the lies of the most criminal president in our country's history. Oh yes, and please explain in detail why you feel that America has failed you, and whether you'll be returning the country of your family's origin. Some will want to wave good-bye.


NJ, you move in more delicate circles than I do. I've always known pego as a reference to the male ego as demonstrated through the ... uh ... male package. You know Package + EGO = pego.

Pego men, in general, believe that T**** is the most masculine president ever, a true dominater, the top alpha male. That's what happens when thinking is channeled through the ... uh ... male package.


I just noticed this, and almost spit coffee out my nose! [lol] (and I've never had anyone associate me with anything delicate)


Its interesting how the article just mentiones "the commissioners" but it's no secret in Douglas county that Heard and Boice are bffs. The only other explanation I can think of is maybe Boice had a moment of clarity and realized how insane his friend is last week and decided he better cut ties to keep his image.


Not BFFs they are COUSINS.


[thumbup] very glad to know about the family connection.


So everyone has a character problem but him? He's the only one that believes in God -- and he's the only one that has God on his side? Everyone that opposes his "declaration" is trying to destroy him? When did this become all about Dallas Heard? He's calling for businesses to risk sanctions for the sake of his cause, but he's the one that's suffering? How's his business doing?


Dallas needs the loving help of his family and friends.


Dallas Heard

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