Four additional Douglas County elected officials said Thursday they will not sign onto the declaration of the Citizens Against Tyranny.

Citizens Against Tyranny garnered controversy recently after publishing two names of people it alleged had filed complaints against businesses for COVID-19 safety violations. The names were later removed. The group’s declaration said any elected officials who didn’t sign on would face recall efforts.

But Douglas County Clerk Dan Loomis, Douglas County Assessor Heather Coffel, Douglas County Treasurer Samuel Lee and Douglas County Surveyor Kris DeGroot rejected the declaration in a joint written statement Thursday.

“As with many elected officials in Douglas County, our elected offices are non-partisan, meaning we are not affiliated with, nor do we hold any bias toward any political party. We are here to represent and work for all citizens of Douglas County,” they said.

“As your elected County Clerk, County Assessor, County Surveyor and County Treasurer, we feel it is important to protect the integrity of our elected positions, provide services equally and fairly to all residents, and maintain a non-political environment in our offices. In keeping with our convictions, we also feel it is important to state, that as a matter of principle, that we will not be coerced or threatened into signing the declaration released by the local group calling themselves, Citizens Against Tyranny,” they said.

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Our District made a unfortunate and very poor choice in electing Dallas Heard to be our State Senator. His radicalization and incitement to violence has shown us that. What's left is to begin a recall and make a better choice, perhaps someone who is more interested in representing us and less interested in poorly thought out and misguided actions based from systemic white supremacy.


I am in favor of a recall. However, I personally would leave it up to Republicans to clean up this mess; it belongs to them, having appointed him to replace yet another disgraced Republican, and then supporting him and overlooking his dangerous views and behaviors.

I think that they ought to pressure him to resign. It will be up to them to replace him, with yet another Republican, and I hope they choose a bit more wisely next time; they could hardly choose worse than the last two.


I wouldn't bet on it!


No bets. For the record, I was betting on the cornered rat (since that's always the best odds) in the presidential election, and I've never been so happy to lose. It was a near thing though, as we have learned nearly every day, nearer and nearer to a successful seditious plot to undo democracy in America.


Not only have Dallas Heard's antics made him an ineffective Senator who endangers his colleagues and the public, but he has become an embarrassment at a state, national, and international level.


Well, good. But I really do wish they'd have named the messianic megalomaniac along the way.

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