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The Douglas County Board of Commissioners voted Wednesday to sell the former Sutherlin Industrial Park to a group of developers who want to create an Oregon-themed resort there.

The land will be sold for $1.2 million to Oregon Only Development, LLC. The company plans to create a $68 million resort on the site, including a hotel, convention center, amusement park with a waterslide, and a shopping village. The developers previously told The News-Review the resort would promote Oregon-based products and companies, and showcase the history of wood products and other local industries.

The initial idea for the site was simpler, and would just have included the water park.

The property’s location is off Taylor Road at Page Avenue, near Calapooya Street, just off Interstate 5. It consists of two parcels totaling about 126 acres that the county acquired in 1990 and 1991.

At the time, county officials had hoped to promote industrial development there, but over the past 28 years the wetlands have grown and the land remained undeveloped.

Commissioner Tim Freeman said that also means the parcels have been off the tax rolls during those years.

“The state’s come in and assessed them, I’m sure more than once, and taken more and more into wetlands, and the longer they sit there, the more we lose to wetlands,” he said. “So I’m excited about a project moving forward, and it’s too bad it’s taken 27 years to get there.”

Commissioner Chris Boice said he toured the site with the developers Tuesday. He said the developers were excited to have representatives from the city of Sutherlin and the county there.

“All of us were excited about trying to help them get their project complete, and they mentioned several times that that’s not the sort of cooperation that they run into in other places,” he said.

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Kyle Technology near the airport was given..."the moon" when they came here and promised Douglas County jobs. What they did was bring their people from other places and only hired a few locals. As I recall, the machinery at Kyle was expensive and basically had to be operating all the time. It wasn't operating all the time Most of the equipment wasn't being used and the company was in debt apparently when they got here. Then, they left.


The failures of those businesses were long before our current commissioner's were elected. That was back when those in charge wasted every nickle from O&C money. I'm excited to see an amusement park. Unlike Dell and bayliner it will bring jobs to other businesses.


"...they mentioned several times that that's not the sort of cooperation that they run into in other places," he said."

There's your first clue.


why wasn't it put up for bid to the highest bidder? what was the market value, being close to I-5?

st paddy

weren't we all excited about dell or the tech company near the airport or bayliner and the list goes on

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